The one thing I found very helpful about Spring Arbor University was how easy it was to attend the program. I went through the program with the same group of women all the way, and it was just a really great experience. Each class just followed the next so you were automatically enrolled as you progressed through the program. I found that very helpful. And I felt like I had all the resources available to me.”
– Tressa Reiniche, BSN

In nursing, it is important to have a strong faith background. Faith gives patients peace of mind. Also, after a bad day, it helps to know that there is a higher power taking care of the patient and the family; knowing that God is there helps me leave some stuff at work.
– Linnay Minnard, MSN/MBA

So far the experience has been absolutely amazing … The application process was super easy, [and] the support that I had was amazing. I constantly had the admissions advisor calling me, following up on paperwork, and just keeping me on course as I was applying. It was just so easy!
– Angelica Reid, MSN/MBA

It is a great program. The faculty are awesome. They are very supportive, they are very positive, just a good group of people that genuinely seem to care about the students.
– Brooke Shaw, MSN/NP

She [Tracy] walked me through every step. Every time I felt like maybe I’m not good enough, maybe I don’t think I’ve got what it takes … she made me feel that if you want to do this, you can do this.
– David Bechtold, MSN/NP

If I could say something to anyone who is even thinking about going to Spring Arbor, this is the place to be, because if I can do it, anyone can. And I firmly believe that. I’m an average Joe, and if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.
– Robert Fares, MSN/NP

Master of Arts in Communication

Graduate - Master of Arts in Communication OnlineYou will meet such great friends. The program is intense, but manageable. The professors are extremely knowledgeable, fun and professional. The best thing is that SAU and Dr. Robert Woods have an excellent class geared to help the most seasoned online student or first-time online student to succeed in earning the degree. I can’t say enough great things about it.”
– Gina Burgess, MCOM

I was drawn to the convenience of SAU’s fully online program, but I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of the online learning environment. I quickly realized how much I had to learn, but I also found that SAU had anticipated what I needed to know and geared the introductory course around getting comfortable with online learning. I love the flexibility of an online program, where I can access online discussions and complete assignments when it’s most convenient for me, around my full-time job as a grant writer and my family responsibilities with two school-aged children.”
– Lisa Valdez, MCOM

I loved the community atmosphere that the discussions fostered, and I loved the interesting mix of business-standard books that gave practical applications for specific issues I deal with every day and the spiritually focused books that helped me grow in my faith as I was expanding my knowledge of communications.”
– Leanna Summers, MCOM

Spring Arbor's online program offered me the flexibility to complete my master's degree on a schedule that complemented my professional and personal obligations. The instructors challenged me to apply  my course learning directly to my current job and to my Christian walk... to help me achieve my academic and professional goals."
- Tanja Morgan, MCOM


What a blessing it is to be an SAU graduate student. Not only am I investing in my future and in the development of my career, but I am surrounded by a community of mentors and scholars who are also committed to integrating Christ’s love into today’s business world.”
– Chelsea Page, MBA

Troy Trahan, SAU Online MBA GradGetting an MBA was a great way to separate myself. I don’t think there is a better way to prove on paper that you’re committed than completing an intense academic program like the MBA. Earning my MBA from a Christian perspective was a game-changer. I was encouraged to integrate Jesus’ teaching in my coursework, and view the business world through a Christian lens.”
Troy Trahan, MBA

The Gainey School of Business at Spring Arbor University is unique to any other college I’ve experienced. The business curriculum is centrally focused on ethics, leadership and practical business strategies to solve problems and promote growth within all stakeholders of an organization.”
– Sherri Best, MBA

The support at SAU Online is amazing. From the staff and faculty, to all the students and my classmates, everybody was so encouraging.”
– Will Smith, MBA

Master of Arts in TESOL

Tina WooldridgeI am better prepared to make decisions related to curriculum, teacher training, and professional development as a result of my studies. In addition, the knowledge I gained through coursework offered experience that allows me to relate with what instructors in our IEP are experiencing in their classrooms.”
– Tina Wooldridge, MA TESOL

Master of Arts in Reading

Master of Arts in Reading GraduateI went at my own pace. Everything was online and convenient, which was imperative for me as a new mother. My professors worked with me to help me find solutions to my struggles. They understood my struggles and were willing to work with me. They also encouraged a family-first mentality, which I really appreciated.”
– Anna Scott-Ingiosi, MA Reading