Spring Arbor Faculty


Nursing leadership Alison Stoughton

Alison Stoughton

Professor Stoughton helped to open a successful adolescent health clinic in Three Rivers, MI, funded by the Michigan Department of Community Health Adolescent Health Initiative.

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Nursing leadership Alvin Kauffman

Alvin Kauffman

A faculty member at Spring Arbor University since 2006, Dr. Alvin Kauffman is the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

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Nursing leadership Dawn Day

Dawn Day

Dr. Dawn Day began teaching at Spring Arbor University in 2012 and now serves as Chair of Graduate Nursing Programs.

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Nursing leadership  Delores Jackson, Ph.D.

Delores Jackson, Ph.D.

Dr. Jackson has worked at Spring Arbor University since 2015 and currently serves as Professor of Nursing

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Nursing leadership Lesley Jackson

Lesley Jackson

Professor Jackson serves as Lead Faculty for NUR 686 Primary Care II as well as numerous committees and maintains active clinical practice at LTC Charles S. Kettles VA Medical Center.

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Nursing leadership MaryAnn Broda

Mary Ann Broda, Ph.D.

Dr. Broda has served as nursing faculty at SAU, Northern Michigan University, The University of Texas at Austin, Murray State University, and The University of Michigan.

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Nursing leadership Sharyl Page

Sharyl Page

Shari worked in med-surg and home care for 10 years prior to completing her MSN. She currently serves as lead faculty.

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Social Work

Bonnie Holiday professor of social work

Bonnie Holiday

Dr. Bonnie Holiday began teaching at Spring Arbor in 2002 and now serves as the program director of the social work programs..

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social work leadership Jerry Walden

Jerry Walden, LMSW

A former pastor and minister, Jerry Walden is the Director of the BSW Program at Spring Arbor University. ..

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Social work leadership Lisa Marquette

Lisa Marquette 

A social worker for nearly 20 years, Professor Marquette has taught at SAU since 2014..

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