Top Tips for Refining Your MBA Resume

When competing for jobs alongside other MBA graduates, the credential of a degree from the Spring Arbor University Online MBA program can make your resume stand out. This article offers some tips that can help your resume resonate with your best qualifications and characteristics.

Tip #1: Dress Your Document to Impress

It is essential that you approach your resume as your first impression with a potential employer. Make sure it offers a clear and compelling case for why a manager or director should choose you.

A 2012 study revealed that recruiters review resumes for an average of 6.25 seconds before deciding whether or not they should continue to be considered. Forbes revealed that, in that same 2012 study, these recruiters used almost all of those six seconds to at look only a few elements: your name, the title and duration of both your current and former positions. Accentuating these elements can help usher your resume along to the next level of candidacy.

Tip #2: Quantify your Qualifications and Accomplishments

Showcase your accomplishments with clarity and a clear connection with the position to which you’re applying. Explain how that accomplishment is a skill/asset in the position for which you’re applying. Don't add a laundry list of accomplishments; make them count.

Tip #3: Project Your Personal Brand

Consider your personal brand. Be authentic and original in your presentation. Point your resume reader to your presence on professional social media channels. Showcase samples of your writing or even video clips of your work in prior positions. Evolve from a piece of paper into a potential candidate.

Tip #4: Brevity is a Bonus

Being clear and concise is key. Try to keep your resume to one page, and don't overload it with too much text.

Tip #5: Excel Through Editing

Countless resumes are sent out each day with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Share a draft with friends and family. Fresh eyes can catch overlooked mistakes. Editors can offer ways for you to streamline your presentation.

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