Top 5 Careers for Social Work Graduates

Family talking to social worker in office
Family talking to social worker in office

Obtaining a degree in social work provides an opportunity to make a difference in your community and the lives of others. Successful qualities of an online BSW student include having a desire to help people, being called to serve others and put your Christian values to practice and having the self-discipline to read and study at your own pace.

Depending on your goals and interests, the advantages of your 100 percent online Bachelor of Social Work degree from Spring Arbor University will allow you to connect with others and help men, women and children.

1. School Social Worker

School social workers are those who work with children or young adults in an educational setting. When you work as a school counselor, you assist children and young adults with their academic success, their long-term goals and any challenges they may face throughout the years they attend the school.

The average income of a school social worker is roughly $60,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Income may vary based on your location, the specific school and your work experience.

2. Substance Abuse Therapist

Substance abuse therapists provide the assistance men, women and teenagers need to address addiction or substance abuse. The average compensation for a substance abuse therapist is roughly $36,000 per year, according to PayScale, but the ability to help individuals recover from substance abuse is itself a reward.

A therapist helps individuals focus on their long-term goals and provides the tools needed to avoid drugs or alcohol in the future.

3. Clinical Social Worker

Generally, a clinical social worker helps men, women and children in a medical or a therapeutic setting. You may work directly with a patient or an individual to develop personal goals or to start addressing complications in the individual's lifestyle.

Since a master’s degree in social work is needed to be a clinical social worker, getting a Bachelor of Social Work is the first step. According to PayScale, the average income of a clinical social worker is roughly $52,000 per year, though you may earn more with experience and a higher education.

Clinical social workers may assist men and women with their search for a career, their living arrangements or any complications regarding the individual's ability to manage any difficulties they are experiencing.

4. Child and Family Social Worker

Child and family social workers actively participate in the community and work with families to accomplish specific goals. For example, you may work with low-income families to help the parents identify the needs of the family and start working on a long-term plan to accomplish specific goals.

A child and family social worker also identifies children at risk of abuse or neglect and takes action to ensure the safety of children. Your career as a family social worker allows you to find foster care families for at-risk children, provide the tools a family needs to improve a child's academic performance or arrange adoptions for children. The specific job responsibilities may vary based on the needs of the children and families involved.

The average income of a child, family and school social worker is roughly $46,000 per year, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

5. Mental Health Social Worker

When you want to work in a career related to mental health, working as a mental health social worker provides a chance to help men, women and children manage their disorders. A mental health social worker must obtain a master's degree, but he or she works directly with an individual to address complications in the individual's life in relation to their mental health condition.

The average income for a mental health social worker, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is roughly $42,000 per year. Your income may increase over time as you gain experience.

Social work graduates have a variety of career opportunities available to help members of their community. The key to finding the right career path is focusing on your personal interests. Contact us to find out more about the flexible and rewarding 100 percent online Bachelor of Social Work program.