A Surefire Way to Fail as a Team Leader (and How to Avoid It)

Team leader leading a meeting
Team leader leading a meeting

If you’re a team lead, the odds of success aren’t in your favor. Research shows that 60% or more of teams fail. This equates to an enormous waste of time and money. The good news is, you can position yourself as an effective leader if you learn to break the following habits.


You know the ones – managers who choose the easy climb up the corporate ladder over the sweat-breaking path of moving a company and its people forward. Combat leadership lethargy by strengthening your people, sharing leadership responsibility, and giving credit where credit is due. Only then will you be a true leader who inspires meaningful innovation from your team.

A Leader of Followers

If you’re managing a team that is clueless about company goals, processes and expectations, you’re heading straight for Disfunction-ville. To avoid this, communicate specific goals, accurately define complexities, and set solid delivery dates for solutions.

This doesn’t happen in a five-minute, mid-morning rally speech. To truly lead a team of innovators, you must be crystal clear on the purpose and goals of your initiatives, provide the resources your team needs to produce solutions, fully understand your team’s challenges, and provide adequate training for improved collaboration and execution.

Fickle Fellowship

Nothing crushes the soul of a team more than self-promoters who sabotage process and progress for their own glory. Your job as a leader is to set up an environment that encourages true teamwork. Select teammates from various backgrounds, define each member’s role, encourage healthy conflict, and reward people who embrace other’s ideas.

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