Reasons You Should Consider a Faith-Based University

Spring Arbor University Online - a faith-based university

Even if you are not considering a major in a field such as theology or ministry, attending a Christian university comes with many benefits that can make it a strong choice for pursuing higher education.

Strong relationships with like-minded people

Within any educational experience, relationships are an important part of the educational experience. A Christian school is uniquely positioned to provide positive relationships for its students who can enjoy interaction with and support from like-minded individuals. A Christian school can provide a positive educational experience and firm biblical foundation for all the things you may be called upon to do in the years that follow. Equally important, students attend with peers who share their values, which allows them to feel comfortable when it comes to expressing their faith.

When you choose to include God’s leadership in your education within the supportive atmosphere of a Christian university, you can find answers to life’s challenging questions from instructors and fellow students who are evaluating the word of God alongside you.

Strong moral and spiritual values

Christian universities can help you develop strong values that you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life. By studying the Bible and learning about Christian principles, you will develop yourself both morally and spiritually.

The opportunity to make a meaningful impact

As a Christian graduate student, you are preparing to contribute significantly to your chosen profession. Why wouldn’t you want your courses to give you skills that aid you in that contribution from a Christian perspective?

A true Christian university establishes a forum grounded in biblical foundations for reflection and thought, so that you can go on to ethically influence the companies and organizations you work for. Throughout your educational journey, you’ll be in a constant process of formation.

Learning with fellow Christians offers ample opportunities to foster disciplined habits and skills that promote godly character. You will encourage and be encouraged to live a Christ-centered life with the virtues that form you and your classmates into the people God wants you to be.

A total commitment to Jesus Christ

A faith-based university makes a total commitment to Jesus Christ. It is committed to the development of Christian character and the living integration of faith and learning and it shares its Statement of Faith by incorporating it into class curriculum. The curriculum also encourages personal and communal spiritual health and teaches you to listen more closely to God and to identify the work of the Spirit in your life.

An educational choice based on wisdom

Dr. Brent Ellis, President of Spring Arbor University explains, “Our university represents a healthy community of believers who are willing and eager to learn not only how to acquire knowledge, but how to use that knowledge in Christ-honoring ways. Our commitment to Christ as the main focus of our lives, directs us to use the gifts we have been given, to implement our intellect and education in order to be active participants in the world around us. Wisdom is what Spring Arbor University has pursued since its beginning. It’s why we stand distinct as an institution of higher learning.”

A graduate from Spring Arbor University, Mark Beazley, said, “God led me to the SAU program at just the right time. I was searching for a place to grow in my understanding and experience of spiritual formation in the context of a virtual community. My search led me into conversation with a number of SAU grads who had found just such a place in their graduate program. I’m hoping this experience will help facilitate my continued transformation while simultaneously preparing me to help others down the road in their own Journeys with God.”

A Christian university degree is a wonderful way to experience new perspectives that will ultimately shape you into a stronger Christian in life, work, and family.

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