Good News for Employee Appreciation Day: Unemployment Lowers for Degree Holders

It’s Employee Appreciation Day and we have additional news to celebrate. Recent figures show unemployment for bachelor’s degree holders at the lowest percentage it has been at since September 2008! How’s that for a happy Employee Appreciation Day? The current unemployment rate for workers with a bachelor’s degree is 2.8%. The current unemployment rate for Americans overall is 5%. According to Bloomberg, the number of unfilled openings indicates companies are having trouble finding qualified help. This means bachelor’s degree holders will enjoy more marketability and increased financial awards. Job openings increased in retail, building, business services, education and health care. If you don’t currently have your bachelor’s degree, it’s time to get it. Spring Arbor University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management that can be completed for under $20,000. We also offer several online master’s degree programs for those who want to change careers or advance in their current field.Learn more about all of our online programs now.

Unemployment Drop for Degree Holders 2015