An effective, expedited way to earn your Master of Arts in Communication without quitting your day job

Earning your master’s degree carries a lot of weight. It will give you the skills you need to enhance your current career, position you as an expert in your communication field and fuel your ability to move up the job ladder. Spring Arbor University makes it easy to accommodate your busy life as you work to secure your future with a master’s degree. Flexible and convenient, our online Master of Arts in Communication degree course is set up so you can log on and complete your assignments online from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere with an Internet connection. SAU has more than 140 years of teaching under our belt so you can rely upon a time-tested university experience to meet your busy schedule. Those who want to improve communication in business, ministry or education will find the program relevant to today’s changing world.

Three different concentrations are offered
  • Communication Leadership
  • Communication Ministries
  • Communication Education

Get real-time feedback from instructors.

One of the many ways we deliver relevant education is through the real-life application of knowledge. You will not only absorb the knowledge through our program, but you will also learn how to implement it to solve real-world communication issues. Although the program is online to make learning more convenient for you on your own time, SAU professors are responsive and will offer real-time feedback. The program draws students from all over the country and their life perspectives will challenge and strengthen you with a Christian worldview not found in other programs. You’ll find rich opportunities to collaborate with fellow students and build your professional network. Your own Student Success Advisor will coach you on work-life balance, career goals and more. Student Gina Burgess, MCOM, said, “You will meet such great friends. The program is intense, but manageable. The professors are extremely knowledgeable, fun and professional. I can’t say enough great things about it.”

Reap the rewards of our faith-based private university.

Our unique approach to education relies upon faith, so students become people of wisdom. Fully accredited, our approach helps you learn how to best use your intellect, your expertise and your passion in the world. Both leadership and faith developmental activities are incorporated into our curriculum. Designed for all people, no matter their faith, it’s a strong foundation for you to launch or enhance your career.

SAU Master of Arts In Communication:
  • Credit Hours: 36
  • Affordable Tuition: $603 per credit hour, totaling $22,914
  • Estimated Completion: 20 months
  • Can complete 100% online in 20 months