Become a Human Resources Manager with an MBA in HR

HR manager with smiling employees
HR manager with smiling employees

Despite the increasing prevalence of automation in the workforce, human resources remain critical to the success of any business. In order to make the most of their skills, employees must be treated humanely, with policies that put them in the best position to succeed. One of the core principles of Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with an HR concentration is to produce graduates who strive for a purpose higher than simple profit maximization. SAU alumni can be found in management positions at some of America’s most successful companies, and we believe it’s both the professional skills and ethical foundation they learn here that help them get hired.

Is a Master’s Degree in HR Worth It?

There are several kinds of human resources graduate programs available, and some who end up in management positions in the field arrive there from diverse educational backgrounds. Nonetheless, the two most common degrees they hold are from human resources management (HRM) programs and MBA programs with HR concentrations.

HRM degrees are very focused on core skills. In these bachelor’s degree or certificate programs, you’ll zero in on topics like personnel management, leadership and interpersonal communication. Although these skills are intended to be applied in a business context, these programs aren’t meant to provide an overview of other aspects of business. By contrast, graduates of HR MBA programs have a broader knowledge base.

All Spring Arbor University MBA streams help you develop expertise in accounting, marketing, statistics and the international business world. SAU’s online MBA even offers an optional in-person trip to New York City to study international business in the world’s financial capital. The modern business world is less rigidly segmented than in years past, and the most successful HR managers are those who are able to see past the boundaries of their own department. Personnel policy is affected by the wider ecosystems both within the company and outside of it.

Moreover, we believe HR managers should be able to act as champions for the company’s rank and file. With the knowledge and prestige that comes with holding an MBA, you’ll be prepared to engage with peers and senior management as an equal. This provides you with an opportunity to show how policies benefiting employees also contribute to the health of other aspects of your company.

What HR Skills Do You Learn Through an MBA?

Selecting an HR concentration doesn’t mean you’re less competent at the human resources-specific functions of your job. Our MBA HR concentration focuses on the following:

  • Workplace Learning & Professional Development: How do employees learn on the job and improve their own skills? And how, as an HR manager, can you best position them to succeed? You’ll develop a firm understanding of theories of adult learning and assessment, wedded to lessons on how to apply these theories on a practical basis.
  • Human Resources Development: Optimize corporate on-boarding, technical training, wellness policies and diversity management, while putting into place pathways for employees to themselves ascend to management positions.
  • Organizational Behavior: Organizations are like people in many ways — they have distinct behaviors, rationales and even, in some senses of the word, psychologies. HR managers thus manage not only individuals but the wellness of the company as a whole. Guiding organizational behavior means learning about motivation, attitude, communication, productivity and more. Understanding the dynamic interplay of these aspects of human resources is what separates a competent manager from an exceptional one.

The MBA in HR Advantage

All things being equal in a competitive environment, the candidate with higher education tends to win out. Your MBA will show employers your understanding of business is comprehensive, while your specialization in HR demonstrates the people-centered outlook their departments need. Contact us today to see our online brochure and learn more about our highly regarded program.