Available Careers with an MBA in Human Resource Development

Recruiting was cited by Indeed.com as the most in-demand human resources position in 2017, and the performance of essential recruitment tasks makes recruitment managers with an MBA in human resources consistently in high demand. If you want to maximize your professional potential and enjoy being the people-centric point person in your company, Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Development can offer the skills you need to drive your success to the next level. Spring Arbor University’s innovative program is designed for the online masters in human resources candidate who wants to reach the upper echelons of the field, and the top positions achievable for future graduates with an MBA in Human Resource Development vary from specialties in recruitment, benefits, labor relations specialties and more.

An MBA in HR Prepares You to be an Effective Recruitment Manager

Recruitment manager positions enable online masters in human resources MBA graduates to use their learned skills to effectively build efficient corporate teams. Professionals in these positions with an MBA in human resources are tasked with seeking and screening potential employees and assessing their fit to the larger company landscape. They gauge a candidate’s current skills while forecasting how those skills might develop during their time with the organization. Entry-level recruitment managers can grow within the organization. Those starting at the recruitment level might have the opportunity to rise to the status of human resources manager or director, positions that can come with substantially larger salaries. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) reported a median annual salary for human resources managers as $106,910 in 2016. Seasoned recruitment managers with an MBA in HR can evolve in complex realms of international recruitment, wherein candidate screening involves global considerations. For executive level recruitment roles, screened candidates have the potential to become their company’s next CEO.

Labor Relations Specialists with an Online Masters in Human Resources

If legal matters and labor unions are to your liking, then using your MBA in Human Resource Development as a labor relations specialist might be ideal. These specialists serve as a liaison between employment unions and larger companies to ensure that stipulations of working agreements and contracts are being satisfied. For labor relations professionals with an MBA in HR, compliance is key, therefore it is essential that they stay abreast of new mandates they effectively negotiate for and implement regulations to maximize benefits for employees and executives.

MBA in Human Resources Prepares Professionals as Learning and Development Managers

Roles as learning, training, or development managers allow those with an online masters in human resources to explore the world of corporate education. A training manager can be tasked with creating professional development or continuing education courses and materials that ensure skills development for employees. The dedication to these training opportunities can result in long hours and extensive face time with colleagues, and job indicators relay both a strong salary and signs of growth. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) reports a 2016 median annual salary for training and development managers as $105, 830 and also projects a 10 percent growth – meaning 3,600 more jobs – in the field by 2026.

Compensation and Benefits Manager with an MBA in Human Resources

Master negotiators who receive their online MBA in Human Resource Development can also look to roles as compensation or benefits managers. These professionals facilitate various elements of the benefits package offered by employers to their employees. Benefits managers must be well-versed in negotiating insurance policies and retirement plan options while staying on top of competitors’ packages that could lure away quality employees. The USBLS reports that the median annual wage for such professionals totaled $116,240 in 2016.

Start Strong with an MBA from Spring Arbor University

These top careers for graduates with an online MBA in HRs showcase that whatever your strongest skill set or desired application, a variety of invigorating careers await you. Spring Arbor University builds excitement for these paths with an innovative MBA curriculum that blends convenience with comprehensive academic preparation to produce an efficient and exceptional graduate degree program. Join Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Development to study with masters who prepare you to apply your own mastery to the exciting field of human resources.