5 Fun Classroom Decorating Ideas

Being a teacher has many perks. Making a difference in kids’ lives and off-duty summers are at the top of the list!

For those of us who are creative and crafty, another perk is classroom decorating. Here are some fun, resourceful and artsy classroom decorating ideas to inspire learning and engagement in your students in 2018.

  1. Use social media. Social media has its pros and cons, but here’s a way to instantly engage students upon their return to school: create an Instagram or Facebook wall to showcase class pictures or fun facts about students and teachers.
  2. Create a reading nook. Kids enjoy when they have the opportunity to decompress and get cozy in school. Providing an environment that supports cuddling up with a book, just like at home, is sure to be a hit and a great way to encourage reading. Create a cute cozy corner or quiet area. All you need are file cabinets or bookshelves for walls and a affordable rod and curtains for ambiance. Throw in some big throw pillows and photos for a comfy, homey feel.
  3. Encourage students’ imagination by creating an unexpected scene in their classroom. For a fun camping-themed sharing and learning area, use construction paper, a bucket and toilet paper rolls to make a bonfire. Students can gather ‘round the fire on stools, milk crates, pillows or carpet squares.
  4. Go big with a Readbox Book Rental — a creative spoof on Redbox. Paint a bookshelf red, create a sign that mimics the Redbox font and logo and you’re set. Your bookshelf will be the most sought-after attraction in school.
  5. Use popular movies or characters to draw kids in and make them feel at home. This Minion door, which requires little more than construction paper, scissors and patience, is welcoming and fun.

A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to engaging your students and supporting their enthusiasm for school. Brainstorm with other teachers, look for inspiration online and have fun coming up with inspiring, crafty ways to get your classroom ready for learning!