3 Reasons You’ll Make it as an Adult Online Learner

Man receiving his diploma at Spring Arbor graduation ceremony
Man receiving his diploma at Spring Arbor graduation ceremony

As a non-traditional student, you bring a wealth of experiences and relationships to your online program. These experiences and relationships, coupled with your desire to immediately apply what you’ve learned to your career, are key predictors that you will succeed as an online student at Spring Arbor University.

1. You’re self-directed and internally motivated.

As you’ve matured, you’ve grown from being a dependent personality to being a self-directed human being. You take more responsibility for your life and are motivated by internal incentives to achieve successful results.

Studies suggest your ability to draw from intrinsic motivation will lead to enhanced comprehension, cognitive flexibility, and long-term wellbeing. That’s not to say external rewards aren’t important motivators. They are. But it’s much more important to draw from intrinsic motivation for long-lasting success.

2. You have the ability to immediately apply what you’re learning.

If you’re an adult taking online classes, it’s probable you’re also working. Education for you is an opportunity to immediately apply the practical knowledge you’re learning to your current career. By doing so, you will absorb online content with much more interest and vigor.

3. You have personal experience to reference.

You’ve seen more, done more and achieved more than your younger self ever thought possible. This means you have a wider knowledge base, more social support and more self-confidence from which to draw.

You’ll use this experience and the multiple roles you play – as parent, worker, spouse – to validate what you’re learning and make more meaning of the theoretical constructs of your online course than traditional students do.