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Resume Tips for Nurses

When it comes to nursing resumes, the most important component is a clear explanation of qualifications. The resume should highlight qualifications in terms of education as well as work experience. Nurses who have advanced education credentials stand the best chance of obtaining an interview and receiving an employment offer with a high salary. Stress Continuing […]

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Nursing Careers

What are the different career paths I can go into with a degree in nursing?

A nursing degree can be surprisingly versatile and is likely to position you for numerous and varying job opportunities. Many of those opportunities involve caring for and supporting patients and their families, while others have a more indirect impact on patients but are equally necessary for an effective health care system. If you’ve been thinking […]

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Prep questions for your next nursing interview

Anyone preparing for a job interview needs to do their homework, but nurses need a few extra techniques in their toolbox to master the interview process. According to Keith Carlson, Nurse.com’s career advice columnist, nurses often face scenario-based nursing interview questions in which interviewers ask for explanations to particular clinical situations. For example, you may […]

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