A thank you from our President

“Hello, community. I’m Brent Ellis, President here at Spring Arbor University. I wanted to say thank you to each one of you for the role you play in making Spring Arbor University unique within the landscape of higher education.

Over the course of the last year, 13 different organizations have recognized the quality at Spring Arbor University in some semblance or way. Within the last month, two organizations, one being Christian Universities Online, and the other being The Economist magazine have ranked Spring Arbor University near the top of value added institutions. In fact, The Economist magazine, in this entire state of Michigan, ranked Spring Arbor University as the second-best institution for return on investment right behind Kettering University. So, ahead of the University of Michigan, ahead of Michigan State University, ahead of Hope and Calvin and the first, number one, in value-added return on an investment, for Christian colleges and universities in our entire region.

We couldn’t receive these types of recognition without each one of you being dedicated to who we are, and to what we stand for. We are truly, and unapologetically, a Christ-centered institution. Our concept states it well – that Christ is the perspective for our learning. In a world where information is accessible like no other time in human history, where institutions continue to push… and to push… and to push greater knowledge acquisition, we do that abundantly and exceedingly well;  and, these organizations are taking notice of it.

We do something beyond merely knowledge acquisition. We push our students to apply it in ways that minister the redemption and the reconciliation of Christ.  Regardless of what the profession is, regardless of what they will go into, we challenge them to take their knowledge, and take the information, take their credentials, take their passions, take their talents and invest those in ways that make a difference in this world for Christ and for His kingdom.

And it’s a difference between being a person of knowledge and being a person of wisdom. And each one of you is responsible for allowing our students to grow and develop in those ways. So that when outside organizations take a look at who are graduates are, they take a look at what we do curricularly and co-curricularly. They look at the whole scope of what we provide as an educational focus and orientation. They say something is different about Spring Arbor University. And so, as your president, I want to tell each and every one of you I am thankful for the investment you make in this institution, in allowing us to fulfill our mission to be unique and different – unapologetically Christ-centered and an institution that pushes our students to be people of wisdom, living life for Christ and Christ alone. Thank you very much.”

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Since 1873, Spring Arbor University has helped students pursue wisdom by offering an education grounded in the Christian faith. What began as a small elementary and secondary school in the late 1800s has evolved into a premier private Christian university that offers engaging online programs designed to meet the unique needs of busy, working adults. While we’re not the only university to offer online degree programs, our distinction lies in our total commitment to providing educational excellence within a Christ-honoring and supportive online community.

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