Efficient and Effective: Why You Should Earn Your MBA in Organizational Consulting

Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric
Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric

When Jack Welch took over the reins as CEO of GE, the company was worth one billion dollars. When he retired 19 years later, the company was worth 130 billion dollars.

How did he do it? Welch used a combination of vision, leadership, business know-how and his own determination to create a nimble company that understood its customers’ needs and had a motivated workforce that was driven by the leader’s vision for the company. Of course, we can’t all be Jack Welch, and in truth we may not all need to be, but the practices he introduced at GE are exactly the same practices you will learn when you complete an MBA in Organizational Development online at Spring Arbor University. The program is divided into four main areas – Organizational Psychology, Groups and Teams in Organizations, Organizational Culture and Strategy and Organizational Culture.

Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology is the study of how employees act in the workplace. It seeks to understand performance and motivation, and the effect the right training and mentoring can have on an individual. From a practical perspective, organizational psychology can help an MBA graduate identify issues in his or her own workplace and help employees overcome them through leadership, attitude and motivation.

In Welch’s case, he saw that the organization had too much bureaucracy, was making too many assumptions about the strength of the business, and had a very formal environment that was stifling innovation. He simplified the organization and created a more informal atmosphere, (employees called him “Jack”), that encouraged people to communicate new ideas and fresh thinking.

Groups and Teams in Organizations

This course will give you the tools you need to build and manage groups, help with conflict management, and improve productivity and organizational effectiveness. For example, dismantling the bureaucracy that prevented innovative thinking at GE became every employee’s responsibility; management hierarchy was removed and replaced with individual ideas and intellect.

Organizational Culture and Strategy

Change can often be unsuccessful in companies because processes and systems are not compatible with what the organization seeks to achieve. This part of the MBA program explores innovative approaches for organizing the business with a transformative and competitive strategy through structuring, processes and culture. In GE’s case, this meant making change part of the entire culture, and seeing change as an opportunity – not a threat.

Organizational Consulting

How does an organization go about convincing its outside vendors to react to change? What happens if there is resistance to change from within? With Spring Arbor University’s online MBA in Organizational Development, you will learn best consulting practices, explore contracting, assessment and diagnosis, data collection, feedback techniques, implementation of planned change initiatives, as well as resistance to change and other internal issues.

As part of his transformation of GE, Welch would hold informal meetings with groups of employees. This not only gave employees a chance to voice their ideas for change, but also gave Welch the opportunity to measure how deeply the culture of change had affected the company.

While you may never have the opportunity to transform a Fortune 500 company as its CEO, the skills learned in Spring Arbor University’s online MBA in Organizational Consulting will equip you with the tools and confidence you will need to manage change wherever your career takes you. It will help you be a more effective leader who understands team psychology and dynamics and can comfortably manage change in whatever level you find yourself.