5 Advantages Gained From a Master of Arts Degree in TESOL

TESOL teacher giving English class white using sticky notes
TESOL teacher giving English class white using sticky notes

Ever wonder what it would be like to teach in another country? Getting a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Spring Arbor University Online may be the right fit for you! Being a TESOL educator is a great and rewarding career that can take you around the world. Similar to an ESL teacher, the skills and qualities gained while earning a TESOL degree are invaluable.

Listed below are the top five qualities enjoyed by those with an MA in TESOL:


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Work anywhere in the world

Becoming a TESOL educator can literally take you anywhere around the world! Job opportunities range from within the United States to China to Saudi Arabia! Immerse yourself in the culture while bringing another language to native speakers.

Salary higher than an average teacher

According to the website ESLTeacherEDU, the average salary within the United States can range from $30,000 to over $70,000. TESOL educators have specialized training, and therefore are more sought than a teacher with a general degree. States with higher salaries include California, Texas and Hawaii. However, teaching salaries outside of the United States may also include living expenses, medical insurance and travel.

Better grasp of other cultures

Just reading about other cultures isn’t enough anymore. Being immersed in another country is the ultimate goal for many people, and having a TESOL degree helps those who want to experience another culture. Getting a better grasp of other cultures can help a person better understand and appreciate their own culture. Courses within the program also help with cultural diversity. One such course, Cross Cultural Competence in Communication (TSL501) covers different curricula designed for a multicultural education.

Expand your mission

Whether your mission is spiritual or professional, becoming a TESOL educator can help with your mission. Educating others overseas can help expand your life’s purpose through Christ.

Professional development

Being a TESOL educator doesn’t always have to keep you in the K-12 classroom. In fact, there are many opportunities to teach adults. The online degree program is designed for those who would like to teach K-12 or those who care to teach adolescents and adults. Taking either one of these tracks within the program will grant you a well-rounded education and give you the skills you need to become a TESOL educator.

If working with those who desire to learn English in their own country is something that appeals to you, then getting a Master of Arts degree in TESOL is the perfect fit! Non-native speakers can find learning English intimidating, and TESOL educators can ease those fears and facilitate the learning experience. TESOL educators live and travel around the world, becoming culturally immersed and providing a multicultural curriculum.

Spring Arbor University Online has a great and unique program focusing on teaching students, both in the United States and around the world, English as a second language. The program has a faith-based approach that covers many topics such as Cross Cultural Competence in Communication and Integrity in Teaching English as Mission. Whether your mission is teaching children in China or business colleagues in France, a degree in TESOL encompasses them all.

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