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2020 review sau online
2020 review sau online

No year in recent history could run parallel with the events of 2020. Dubbed the "Year of the Nurse" by the World Health Organization (WHO), the global pandemic created uncertainty and challenged those working in healthcare in unprecedented ways.

Spring Arbor University was called upon by the media to offer insight and expertise on nursing in 2020. Additionally, through a series of blogs, Spring Arbor shed light on how nurses touched lives, providing compassionate patient care during a time of historical need.

Join us in looking back at some of Spring Arbor's highlights in the media with thoughts provided by Dr. Dawn Day, Chair of Graduate Nursing Programs. You can also review our top blogs from 2020, recapturing updates in nursing and healthcare.


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SAU in the News

As newsworthy as 2020 was, experts at Spring Arbor University offered guidance to those looking to make sense of the year’s unfolding challenges. Read on to learn more.

Why, More Than Ever, We Need Nurses as Spiritual Comforters

During a time of great unease, nurses must confront their own worries to fulfill their duties. Dr. Dawn Day discusses how invaluable nurses are, as they provide compassion, spiritual comfort, and healing to aid patients experiencing fear, pain, and anxiety.

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13 Ways to Support Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are frontline soldiers in the pandemic, delivering compassionate patient care despite ongoing challenges. Dr. Dawn Day discusses how to support the healthcare community during COVID-19, including offering assistance with childcare, homeschooling, and more.

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How to Support a Loved One Who's a Nurse

There are ways everyone can make a difference. Dr. Dawn Day sheds light on the stress, strain, and personal risk that nurses withstand to provide high-quality patient care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; she also offers options for those who want to support the healthcare community safely.

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Focus Podcast: Nurses Confront COVID-19

Nurses are in the thick of the pandemic and have voiced concerns over their own safety. Dr. Dawn Day discusses how the state of COVID-19 is creating unique challenges for healthcare workers, what nurses are dealing with day-to-day and how they are trying to cope, on top of other COVID-19 related issues.

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News Feature: Healthcare and Coronavirus (Part 1)

Weeks into the coronavirus outbreak, hospitals, and medical personnel have attempted to prepare for new challenges. Dr. Dawn Day answers questions about COVID-19 and discusses what hospitals and staff can do to prepare for the upsurge of confirmed cases. Be sure to listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of this podcast.

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News Feature: Healthcare and Coronavirus (Part 2)

A follow-up discussion led by Dr. Dawn Day diving into recent learnings about the coronavirus. How can the general public differentiate COVID-19 from the flu, common cold, or sinusitis? What are some ways people can protect themselves and limit the spread of the virus? This podcast highlights news as it unfolds.

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SAU Top Blogs

In 2020, SAU published blog articles to shed light on nurses going above and beyond the call of duty. Topics covered included challenges related to COVID-19, while others celebrated the heroic efforts of nurses daily. Below are a few that best-captured events for the year.

Challenges in Nursing: What Do Nurses Face on a Daily Basis?

From social disparities faced by the first nurses to modern-day staff shortages, challenges in nursing continue to evolve. This article highlights common challenges nurses face on a daily basis, highlighting how nurses have gained respect as one of the most trusted roles in modern society. 

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15 Nursing Trends in 2020

Nursing trends have changed over time due to shifting demographics, technology, public health, and social attitudes. This article explores how trends in the field have been impacted by recent events, keeping our healthcare climate in mind.

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Telehealth Nursing: Technology’s Impact on Healthcare

Telehealth nursing is a relatively new concept that is radically changing the state of our healthcare system. With COVID-19 causing an upsurge in telehealth use, this article discusses how healthcare workers have adapted to our reliance on technology.

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Why is 2020 the Year of the Nurse?

The pandemic made 2020 the most strenuous year in healthcare. This article celebrates nursing professionals' resilience and hard work everywhere, as they responded to rising COVID-19 cases and other global healthcare challenges.

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Looking Ahead at SAU

At Spring Arbor University, we’re a community of learners guided by faith. We believe that nursing is not only a profession but a calling.


“2020 presented hardships for us all, especially for those on the frontlines. In the face of a global pandemic, nurses and other healthcare workers went above and beyond, providing dedication and compassionate care in a time of historical need. As 2021 offers the promise of renewed hope, nurses will continue to be central to the healing process.”

—Dawn Day, Ed.D., Chair of Graduate Nursing Programs, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.


With tracks available for those with associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degrees in nursing, you’ll find a path uniquely tailored to your needs.


Start Strong in 2021—Advance Your Nursing Career.


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