Top Time Management Apps for MBA Students

Well-dressed man smiling and looking at his phone while walking down the street
Well-dressed man smiling and looking at his phone while walking down the street

Spring Arbor University’s online MBA degree offers working professionals flexibility to advance their careers. At the same time, graduate students must be able to balance a number of demands, including school, work, and personal commitments. Today, many time management applications are available to help students stay on track. This article looks at some of the top time management apps for students:


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Top Time Management Apps:


The Evernote app is a popular time management app for iPhone and Android users. It ranks high among time management apps for students because it solves the age-old problem of misplaced assignments or disorganized notes.

Evernote consolidates all of your work across your various electronic devices so that you can access all of your materials in one streamlined space. You can also keep track of brainstormed ideas to develop later into the next great innovation.


RescueTime can be a saving grace for those who don’t feel productive despite devoting long hours to their computer or other device. This time management app for students and professionals logs where you spend your time on the internet so that you can better understand why and where you might be losing valuable work time. 

RescueTime can also provide reports on your accomplished work tasks, such as responding to emails or working on a course project, so that you can assess and optimize your work strengths and weaknesses. RescueTime can be used on your desktop, but it also comes as a time management app for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.


Complementing an app like RescueTime, the FocusBooster app is ideal for those who want to manage their time in reasonable intervals. It divides your to-do tasks, such as studying or paper writing, into succinct 25-minute sessions, called “pomodoros.” Then, FocusBooster allots a five-minute break between these sessions so that you can briefly decompress and refocus for a more productive word time.

FocusBooster is available in a free desktop version but can also be purchased at different levels depending on how extensively you wish to use it.

Remember The Milk

Borrowing its name from the classic concept of the grocery list, Remember the Milk app allows users to track and sort their list of to-do tasks efficiently. It can be integrated with your calendar so that you can sync your tasks across networks. It can also work alongside apps like Evernote to offer the ultimate in information and work integration.

All reports suggest that Remember the Milk is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use task and time management apps for students and professionals on the market today.


You might think that a writing tool app might not deserve a place in a list of the best time management apps. When you consider how much writing you do as a student – from essays to emails – using such a writing aid can prove to be a major time saver.

You might spend hours polishing your written work to make sure there are no issues, but Grammarly can quickly assess your work for both originality and clarity and can seamlessly spot issues of grammar, sentence structure, or word choice that might need revisiting. This doesn’t mean that Grammarly can do the work for you; it can, however, save you time by providing you that crucial second pair of “eyes” on your writing to make it the best it can be.

Springing Ahead

Managing your time is an essential step for success in your MBA program. Aside from these helpful apps, Spring Arbor has dedicated staff ready to assist students along their journey.

Our online MBA students get personalized support from a Student Success Coach from their first day of classes until graduation. These resources, combined with a robust curriculum for a dynamic career in the business world, has allowed Spring Arbor's MBA program to be recognized as one of the top 15 online programs in Michigan, rated by Online MBA Today.

Contact us today to earn your MBA and begin your transformation as a Christian business leader. 


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