Top 3 Tips to Excel in an Online MBA Program

Female online MBA student doing work on laptop in a cafe
Female online MBA student doing work on laptop in a cafe

Graduate school can feel intense at times, especially when students first start the process. When you finish reading a lengthy case study, you may realize that you have another assignment to complete. There are group projects, on top of your deadlines at work. Many students also have families. Spring Arbor University’s online MBA program offers flexibility and support. Throughout the program, a Student Success Coach works with you to maintain work-life-school balance while you pursue your career goals.

Despite the challenges, students who are organized thrive, earning their MBA and rewarding careers. To help yourself adjust to the new workload, preparation is key. You’ll want to plan ahead, manage your time and do your research up front. You can also read these tips to learn how to succeed in business school and feel confident in your transition.


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Why finding the right MBA program is essential

Since an MBA is an investment of time and resources, finding the right program can help set you up for success. MBA programs differ in many ways to meet the needs of a wide variety of professionals. Some students may look to advance a career in human resources development while others prefer higher-level positions in health care administration.

If graduating quickly is important, a full-time option, like Spring Arbor University’s accelerated MBA, will benefit you. Part-time pacing also lets students spread classes over a longer period of time, which may be more appealing depending on your priorities. You will also want to make sure the program is accredited, as this denotes quality. Speak to an online recruitment advisor to learn what options meet your needs best, if you’re not sure yet.

How to succeed in an MBA program

The professional and personal journey of graduate school can enrich your life. However, to set yourself up for success, you’ll need to develop a long-term plan and take steps to prepare yourself for challenges. Below are a few tips for MBA students:

  1. Set your priorities: Time management will help you master graduate school. Create a to-do list and write down all the tasks that you need to complete. Set deadlines and then prioritize. Know what is important and what is not. Keep yourself accountable, as this also reflects your business mindset. If you find yourself struggling, reach out to your Student Success Coach for support.
  2. Participate and complete assignments: This seems pretty straight-forward, but truly take ownership of your assignments. After you set your priorities, execute your to-do list. Do not be that student who relies on others to do group work. Be the leader who owns the project and fosters collaboration. The program may be asynchronous, but there are still due dates. Lean on family and friends to stay motivated and organized with your time and priorities.
  3. Build your network: Networking is the nature of business — as an online student, you can build your network now. Reach out to others in your class — you may connect with another student who relates to you or find a true friend or mentor. There are many opportunities for online students to be involved in their university. You can join social media groups, offline student clubs or connect with your school for more resources. Adding like-minded professionals to your network may help your career down the line.

Collaborative Growth

Spring Arbor University’s online MBA program helps students own their professional journey. From your first day of classes until the day you graduate, a Student Success Coach will work with you to achieve work-life-school balance. Ranked as a top Christian school, Spring Arbor University provides students with mentorship opportunities, career guidance and supportive services to foster comprehensive growth.

With a plan and positive mindset, online MBA students can emerge as successful leaders during graduate school.

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