Human Services Degree: What Is It? What Can I Do with It?

human services degree
human services degree

A human services degree opens the door to meaningful work that will let you improve the lives of individuals, groups, and communities at large.

Those who earn a bachelor's in human services are prepared for various rewarding positions in the public and private sector. The degree can also be a stepping stone to graduate school, priming you for advanced roles in social work, counseling, and nonprofit administration, and more.

Spring Arbor University's online Bachelor’s of Human Services (BSHS) degree program offers an enriching educational experience for those who are passionate about helping others.

Read on to learn more about the human services field, including typical jobs, overall outlook, and how we can help you launch a rewarding career.


what does human services entail

What Does Human Services Entail?

Human services is a broad category of professions whose aim is to serve individuals or groups in need, ranging from caregivers to social workers and more.

Those in human services roles dedicate their careers to promoting personal dignity, wellbeing, and improved quality of life. Many are advocates who perform a wide variety of responsibilities, but at the end of the day, take pride in their work to better the lives around them.

One benefit of a human services degree is flexibility. Those who earn the degree gain versatile skills with the opportunity to pursue diverse career paths.

Some individuals may feel driven to help others but are still unsure what their future role will be. A human services degree would offer entry into meaningful work while keeping professional options open.


top human services degree jobs

Top Human Services Degree Jobs

With a human services degree, you can align your career with your interests, which is valuable for anyone passionate about working with specific populations.

Although some roles may require additional study or graduate work, a human services degree is the first step toward getting there. Many jobs in the human services field are both personally and professionally rewarding. Some typical roles include:

School Social Worker

The school social worker's role is fantastic for those who want to put their passion for helping others to good use in school settings.

School social workers help students at all grade levels overcome emotional and physical challenges and help connect them with the services they need to succeed.

Community Health Worker

Community health workers serve as a liaison between high-risk communities and the agencies or organizations that seek to help them.

These professionals use the skill sets cultivated in their human services degree program to perform essential outreach and to serve as an advocate for those who might need help with housing, food, or other resources.



Top Human Services Degree Jobs: Counselor

Counselors may work across different populations as they help clients overcome a myriad of issues. Substance abuse counselors, for instance, step in to guide those seeking to overcome addiction.

Marriage counselors, meanwhile, can help address problems couples face to foster healthy, productive relationships at any stage in the union.

Child Welfare Advocate

A professional path in which you can put your human services degree skills toward changing young lives for the better is that of a child welfare advocate.

In this role, you'll support children of all ages and may also work with parents and families. Child welfare advocates keep children's best interests in mind and seek to protect any violated rights.

Home Health Worker

Home health workers help the most senior members of our population cope with the impacts of advanced aging. Those in this role work side-by-side with elderly individuals to help them maintain physical and mental health.

Grant Writer

Becoming a grant writer is ideal for those who want to put their writing abilities to best use. Grant writers play a crucial role in organizations seeking funding for human services initiatives.These professionals are tasked with writing compelling statements that reinforce the need for essential nonprofit programs within a community.


human services degree career outlook

Human Services Degree Career Outlook

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of pursuing a human services degree is that professional roles in the field are in high demand.

For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a much-faster-than-average 13% growth, or addition 17,000 new jobs, of health educator and community health worker roles by 2029.

The BLS projects even more significant growth in social and human service assistant jobs, up to 17%, during the same period – that means the potential of more than 70,000 new jobs in social and human service assistant positions alone.

Short story: the demand is high for those with human services degrees who are ready to take on professional roles.


human services degree benefits

Human Services Degree Benefits 

Pursuing your human services degree online with Spring Arbor will prepare you for an educational journey that is professionally and personally enriching.

The online BSHS degree program at Spring Arbor provides a comprehensive human services framework rooted in Christian ethics and best practices. Some program highlights include:

  • The flexibility of a completely online degree program, including multiple entry points throughout the year and a generous transfer credit policy for those bringing prior coursework on their transcript
  • Practical, informative classes on varied topics ranging from research and communication to sociology and psychology led by field experts to prepare you for your human services career
  • Fostering a spirit of lifelong learning along with your faith and commitment to service-oriented care

The demand for professionals with a human services degree is continuing to grow. Spring Arbor's 100% online human services degree will help you transform your passion into a career that will impact your community and beyond.


Get started on your Human Services Degree today!


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