Best Gifts for Nurses

Best Gifts for Nurses
Best Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are held in high esteem by the general public. An annual Gallup survey found nurses were rated highest among other professional fields in honesty and ethics. The standing is no surprise; in fact, nurses have been at the top of this survey since 2001.

Family members, patients and co-workers express their appreciation with gifts. An online search focused on gifts for nurses reveals an overwhelming menu of options. You can narrow your options by thinking of the best gifts based on where the gifts will be used.

Graduation Gifts for Nurses

Graduates of nursing programs are entering the field for the first time or moving into more advanced jobs. Those closest to new graduates can help with their next steps by giving thoughtful gifts. The best graduation gifts for nurses make work life easier from day one.


Nurses and nurse practitioners use stethoscopes in every patient interaction. A good stethoscope improves diagnoses and demonstrates the user’s knowledge of medical equipment. Littmann and Eko are well-established brands in clinical settings. Both brands offer products in different colors to reflect user personalities. Bonus points for a stethoscope with a name badge to prevent mix ups and make it easier to keep track of. 

Personalized Scrubs

Scrub tops, bottoms and base layers are popular gifts for nurses. Every nurse needs a steady supply of scrubs because they need to be washed between uses.

The growth in online shops for nursing supplies created opportunities for scrub customization. Scrubs with the recipient’s name, job title and hospital or clinic are great personalized gifts. Customizable tops and bottoms are often available in a broad spectrum of colors to match the preference of any wearer.

Writing Instruments

Nurses are in constant need of pens to take notes for patient files and hospital records. The hustle and bustle of a hospital ward leads to lost pens. Gift givers can package high-quality pens with pocket organizers to help their newly graduated nurses with this common challenge. Another great option is pens that come with a neck strap or lanyard attached.

Stethoscope graduation gift

Gifts for the Workplace

A 2019 study found nurses averaged 39.4 hours of work per week. Nurses can work long shifts with the potential for overtime based on labor shortages or patient volume. These gifts can add flair and comfort or convenience to the equipment used in clinical environments.

Comfortable Footwear

Long hours on the job can lead to foot, leg and back pain for nurses without supportive footwear. The choice of footwear has to take into account ease of cleaning and durability. Nursing footwear can also branch out from standard black-and-white colors for a bit of flare.

Clogs from Crocs and Dansko are popular choices among nurses because they hit all of these marks. Medical professionals sometimes opt for high-quality walking or running shoes for increased support.

Face Masks and Accessories

Nurses wear a variety of personal protective equipment in their work including surgical masks, shields and respirators. A good gift is a supply of surgical masks in colors beyond the standard blue shade. This pop of color adds a change of pace for nurses as they treat patients.

Ear savers for reduced discomfort while wearing masks are popular accessories among medical professionals. Increased mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic led to significant growth in ear-saving options. Etsy and other online markets are treasure troves for creative accessories like ear savers and ID badge clips.

Personalized badge pulls or lanyards are another great way for a nurse to express their personality in the workplace. Many nurses order badge pulls off of ETSY or similar platforms, while lanyards can come from many sources. You can easily find lanyards that feature a favourite sports team, artist, or movie series.

Nurses working in COVID units have also been wearing surgical caps. If you know someone working in these high-stress units, a fun surgical cap that fits their personality can offer a much needed pick-me-up while on rotation.

Insulated Tumblers

Nursing professionals jump from task to task throughout the day. Insulated tumblers for coffee, tea and water are helpful to nurses who may leave their beverages for hours at a time. Tumblers are more eco-friendly than single-use containers and more durable than ceramic mugs.

The above can be coupled with gift cards to Starbucks or local coffee shops. Nurses who drink tea may appreciate gifts of their favorite brews.

Gifts for the Workplace Insulated Tumblers

Off-Duty Gifts for Nurses

Nurses care for others in high-stress clinical environments. Gifts for nurses can help practitioners relax and simplify their home lives between shifts.

Meal Kits and Delivery Services

Finding the time to sit down for a meal with friends and family can be difficult for nurses. A good way to encourage these communal experiences is the gift of free meals.

Nurses may want to request meal deliveries from their favorite restaurants through services like UberEats or GrubHub. Meal kit services like Blue Apron and Freshly make homemade meals more convenient for busy professionals. Gift cards for either of these options are ideal for nurses with hectic schedules.

Self-Care at Home

Local spa and salon gift cards are common gifts because of the importance of self-care. Rest is vital to the long-term well-being of nurses. Gift givers can also opt for at-home care items that ease physical and mental stress. For example, meditation apps such as Calm or Headspace are an increasingly popular way to relieve stress at home. A subscription to one of these apps can be a great gift.

Foot, back, and neck massagers address common physical pains experienced by nurses. Clinical settings can be tough on skin, so balms and moisturizing lotions maintain skin health. Scented candles and streaming service subscriptions are good for those looking to relax at home.

nursing self care at home

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