SAU Online is a group of believers – believers in God, believers in what we do and believers in YOU. We’re online learning that really works.

Our online students are a significant portion of students at Spring Arbor University, Michigan’s largest Evangelical university. By offering various programs and three degree levels, SAU Online could be the online Christian university for you.

All of the online Christian degree programs offered by SAU Online are reputable and accredited. Program concentrations include business, communication, education, nursing and spiritual formation. Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are available based on the chosen concentration. Various endorsements are also available. For more information about our Christian degrees online, click here.

Each program has been designed to keep you, the busy adult, in mind. Classes are formatted specifically for online learning and are available to be worked on when it best fits your schedule. SAU Online courses are small in size and industry professionals have been trained to teach online. Your instructors and the SAU Online staff will get to know you and support you throughout your time as a student. On top of these rewards, comes the education from a Christian worldview.

Don’t worry – you’ll finish your degree from this accredited online university, because what we do works. If you’re looking for online degrees in Michigan from accredited Christian online colleges, start the process today by filling out the form to the right for more information.

Reviews for Spring Arbor University Online“What a blessing it is to be an SAU graduate student. Not only am I investing in my future and in the development of my career, but I am surrounded by a community of mentors and scholars who are also committed to integrating Christ’s love into today’s business world.” Read More

Chelsea Page

Reviews for Master's Degree in Spiritual Formation“God led me to the MSFL program at just the right time.  I was searching for a place to grow in my understanding and experience of spiritual formation in the context of a virtual community.  My search led me into conversation with a number of SAU grads who had found just such a place in the MSFL program.  I’m hoping this experience will help facilitate my continued transformation while simultaneously preparing me to help others down the road in their own Journeys with God.” Read more

Mark Beazley

“As I’ve become increasingly aware of God’s presence and His voice in my studies in the MSFL, my own definition of “to know the love of Christ” is taking on a deeper meaning in my spiritual journey.  Day by day, freedom to worship, to celebrate, and to experience community with God and others is the norm as it permeates all of my life with God.  My courses in the MSFL are also inviting me to look back at my historical journey with God and to embrace where I am now, hidden and covered with freedom in Christ.   I am gaining trust and confidence in my freedom in Christ as I’m now embarking on coursework that is equipping me to step out of my comfort and into a dynamic Spirit directed life.  I am excited to see where the Spirit will guide me in this journey.” Read more

Matthew Clay

Reviews for Master's Degree in Spiritual Formation “Recently, I passed a sign in our town for a ‘Mystic Weekend Spiritual Retreat’ at the local community college. I was immediately grateful to God for leading me to a spirituality program centered on the Trinity, our One True God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit – the MSFL program at Spring Arbor University. MSFL is giving me the opportunity to learn and practice the presence of God by sitting at the feet of the pros, those ancient brothers and sisters in the faith, and traveling alongside my current brothers and sisters in the faith – my cohort and professors.” Read more

Christine Shaw

Reviews for Master's Degree in Spiritual Formation“The MSFL program has helped me to always be thinking about the effectiveness of what we do every week as a church through the lens of Christ-like formation, not merely numbers and budgets.” Read more

Jerrell Jobe

“I was drawn to the convenience of SAU’s fully online program, but I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of the online learning environment. I quickly realized how much I had to learn, but I also found that SAU had anticipated what I needed to know and geared the introductory course around getting comfortable with online learning. I love the flexibility of an online program, where I can access online discussions and complete assignments when its most convenient for me, around my full-time job as a grant writer and my family responsibilities, with two school-aged children.” Read more.

Lisa Valdez

“Looking back at the experience I’ve had, I can echo what has been said about the professors. They care and will work with you to see that you have not just a good experience, but learn in the program. Another aspect of the program that I’ve enjoyed is the internationalism that I’ve experienced. I’ve had classmates in Dubai, France, and several other countries. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know others within the states.” Read more.

Allen Hanton

Reviews for Spring Arbor University Online“Today, a young man in our faith community said to me, ‘Mary, you are at the peak of your life and ministry right now.  The learning of these past three years has empowered your preaching, informed your teaching and made you a confident and effective leader and director.  You can’t resign now.’” Read more

Mary Reimer

“I have nothing but great things to say about the MCOM program.  This is my second semester in the program. Even though it is all online, there is a great sense of community. I also attended the main campus of SAU for my undergrad and it is the same type of education, sense of belonging, and community that I had there as well.” Read more.

Amber Ellsworth

“I’m nearing the end of my MCOM studies and am thrilled to have learned and grown so much in these 2 1/2 years. I live in Kazakhstan, so the fact that this program is online means I can study with people like you in the States. As an “older” student (I’m 43 :-)) I have returned to school after many years and plan to go on for PhD studies fall 2013. This program has prepared me well for study, research, and writing at the PhD level and beyond. If you come, and especially if you plan to continue in your education as I am, take advantage of the opportunity to be a graduate assistant with Dr. Woods. He’s an amazing mentor!” Read more.

Annette Carter Ford