SAU Online Philosophy

SAU Online Philosophy

Interaction is key

SAU Online uses a four-pronged approach to ensure that each student gets connected and stays connected throughout the entire duration of their program. This is our philosophy for why we do what we do and how we know it works.

The SAU Online Pedagogical Model was conceived in 2005 through a collaboration of SAU staff and faculty. This group of experts and educators – the SAU Academic Technology Committee - agreed that for students to succeed at the online level, they must have four different types of interaction:

  • Student to Jesus Christ;
  • Student to Student;
  • Student to Instructor;
  • Student to Content

SAU Online provides opportunities for each type of interaction, create a learning environment that supports the creation of an online Christian community. This dedication to creating community and providing a springboard for students is what makes SAU online a great place to learn and grow. Get more information about support services.