Nonprofit Leadership and Administration Course Descriptions

ORM541 Nonprofit Governance (3)

This course examines the various approaches to governance. Each approach emphasizes different dimensions of the roles and responsibilities of the nonprofit boards and each arises out of a different relationship between members and staff. They also reflect differences in the size, purpose and history of the organization. This course considers the issue of which model is the right one and how does an organization effect change in governance.

ORM548 Budget Development & Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations (3)

This course will examine procedures for projecting revenues and the process for developing operating budgets. The extent that tax policies affect private contributions to nonprofits in discussed. Line item and alternative budget formats, including zero-based and performance budgeting, will be considered. It is recommended that the student have familiarization with electronic spreadsheets.

ORM543 Human Resources for Nonprofit Organizations (3)

This course offers an overview of the functions of human resources activities as they relate to the broad objectives of the organization. Emphasis is upon the fundamentals of job design, employment techniques, performance appraisals, pay compensation practices, benefit options, employee  relations and termination practices.

ORM545 Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations (3)

This course is designed to teach the basics of grant writing. It provides a comprehensive overview of effective grant development techniques, finding funding sources, program planning and funding sustainability. The emphasis is on writing a grant proposal and examining the relationships sections of a proposal through a variety of interactive exercises.