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Management of Health Care Systems Course Descriptions

MHS231 Fiscal Management in Health Care Systems (3)

This course covers managerial accounting with a defined focus on health care costs and fiscal planning. Other topics covered include compliance issues (including HIPPA), fiscal management and financial issues related to managed care, long-term care and the health insurance industry.

MHS431 Administration of Health Care Systems (3)

This course focuses on the organization and administration of health care systems. Topics covered include mission statements, goal formulation, values and health care philosophies, quality assessment and emerging role of office manager. The boom in gerontological services and related issues receive special attention.

MHS433 Health Care Systems Leadership (3)

Leadership and motivational theory as well as discovering and maximizing various leadership styles are covered in this course. Vision-casting and motivational theory are applied to both individual and group situations.

MHS342 Health Care Systems (3)

This course emphasizes organizational structures with a major emphasis on the application of systems theory to health care. Issues of aging, education, religion, health promotion and psychological wellness are examined for their impact on health care systems.