Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

CRJ201 Crime, Corrections and Criminal Justice (3)

An introduction to the criminal justice system including an overview of criminological theory. Examines current theories, practices, and careers in criminal justice. Also listed as SOC201.

CRJ202 Social Deviance (3) 

This course analyzes deviance and crime from a societal perspective as it is socially and contextually defined and constructed. This course will cover a range of social theories that account for deviance from functionalist, anomie and strain theories, symbolic interactionist and labeling theories, to conflict and learning theories.  Discussion issues may include alcohol and drug use, sexual deviance, mental illness, street crimes and whitecollar crimes. Also listed as SOC 202. (Offered in fall; online.)

CRJ301 Criminological Theory (3)

An overview of biological , sociological, psychological, and cultural theories of crime causation. Includes a brief history of criminological theory and places special emphasis on social process, social structure, and social conflict theories. Also listed as SOC301. Prerequisite: CRJ201, PSY100 and SOC101.

CRJ447 Criminal Justice Policy(3)

This course focuses on criminal justice policies by emphasizing evidence-based policy analysis. Students will apply knowledge gained from criminological theory and research design to critically analyze and evaluate criminal justice policies. (Offered in fall of even academic years.)

CRJ 449 Restorative Justice (3)

Students will study basic principles of restorative justice and will explore specific programs focused on redemptive practices in criminal justice including restitution programs, victim-offender reconciliation programs, and alternatives to
incarceration. Students will actively explore principles of the Christian faith and how they inform criminal justice policies. (Offered in spring of even academic years.)

SOC311 Racial and Ethnic Relations (3)

The cultures and experiences of minority ethnic groups in the United States, and the impact of prejudice, discrimination and racism on these minority groups and on white society. Also listed as SWK311.

SOC327 Social Stratification (3)

The study of social stratification in societies. Issues of social class, social status and social power will be addressed from historical and cross cultural perspectives. Students will be encouraged to confront a variety of theories for the purpose of evaluating their fit with Christian faith.

SOC484 Spirituality, Faith and Justice (3)

A capstone course focused on the integration of Christian faith, principles of spiritual formation and basic principles of social analysis and planned change. Special emphasis will be placed on the implications of the Christian faith for an understanding of social justice, as well as the implications of sociological thought for praxis and planned change. Also listed as POL484 and SWK484.

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