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Hospitality Services Course Descriptions

HOS310 Hospitality Management (3)

This course reviews the managerial and logistical skills necessary for effective event planning. A particular emphasis will be on the means and methods of marketing and promotion. Practitioners from the hospitality services field will provide real-life examples and personal insights.

HOS311 Entrepreneurship and Customer Service (3)

This course will focus on the key components of effective customer service as an essential element for entrepreneurial success in hospitality services. Issues such as dealing with problem customers, the importance of repeat business, and preventing customer service problems will be primary course themes.

HOS312 Legal Issues in Hospitality Services (3)

The myriad of regulatory, legal and certification issues connected with hospitality services will be the emphasis of this course. Particular emphasis will be placed on food safety and emergency preparedness. The importance of proper legal and safety procedures and adequate safety testing will be included.

HOS313 Human Resources Management in Hospitality Services (3)

This course defines and illustrates the particular human resources issues related to hospitality services with an emphasis on hospitality-foodservice workers. Case studies from both management and consumer perspectives will enable the student to develop a working knowledge of the specific HR issues in hospitality services. Prerequisite: BUS432.