Why Take an MBA with a Management Concentration?

Businesswoman with clipboard explaining management concept to colleague
Businesswoman with clipboard explaining management concept to colleague

Spring Arbor University’s online MBA program offers competitive, specialized tracks so students receive an advanced degree tailored to their needs. The MBA in management prepares professionals for executive roles in business. This article discusses the benefits of pursuing an MBA with a focus in management by answering some of the frequently asked questions for those considering this path.

How is an MBA in Management Different from a General MBA?

The key difference between a general degree and an MBA with a management concentration is that the latter allows you to hone your skills specific to leadership and business management. A general MBA is very broad — students aiming for higher-level positions in business can benefit from a degree that tailors lessons and skill development to this course. A management concentration still offers a solid foundation of core MBA classes and works to instill and reinforce the practice of ethical decision-making, strategic planning and company management.

Will an MBA in Management Increase My Marketability?

The online MBA in Management offers fine-tuned preparation. If your goal is to manage the needs of a business and oversee teams and operations, then an MBA in management will help you stand out. Specializations reinforce both your commitment to and expertise in this facet of the larger business community. This level of preparation may improve desirability with potential employers as well, giving you an edge over candidates with less of a focus in management.

Can an MBA in Management Help Me Earn a Larger Salary?

Advanced positions offer the opportunity for higher pay. Although the market of business already offers promising salaries with an average of $80,000 annually for MBA graduates, many employers are ready to compensate more for competitive credentials and seasoned skillsets. U.S. News reports that the average annual salary for mid-career professionals in operations management is $121,000 and around $146,000 in general and strategic management.

Can an MBA in Management Benefit Me After Graduation?

The benefits of an online MBA in Management can continue long after graduation. Students enrich their professional growth with a degree that is focused and have the opportunity to expand on professional contacts during the program. As you further your education, the connections you make will have an immediate impact and can also be used as future resources to help you develop your career. After graduating, students continue to be a part of a network of a community of learners.

A Focused Career Path

MBA students want to advance professionally, take on increased responsibilities and accelerate their earning potential. Spring Arbor University is committed to creating ethical, invaluable leaders in the business world and supports these aims by offering an online MBA in Management that cultivates business acumen while also upholding Christian principles. Become a leader in business and earn your degree in one year with an accelerated option. Contact us to discover how an MBA in management can help bolster your career.


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