Why Students Choose Spring Arbor University Online

Your time at university is a time to grow and develop. An online university experience is no different. Even in a virtual community, you will meet friends, be inspired by instructors, and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose that will allow you to go out into the world as a servant and ambassador of Christ. But don’t take my word for it; here’s what graduates of our online programs have to share about their time with us.

Easy and convenient online learning environment

“I quickly realized how much I had to learn, but I also found that SAU had anticipated what I needed to know and geared the introductory course around getting comfortable with online learning. I love the flexibility of an online program, where I can access online discussions and complete assignments when it's most convenient for me, around my full-time job as a grant writer and my family responsibilities with two school-aged children.” – Lisa Valdez

Lifelong friendships and engaging instructors

“You will meet such great friends. The program is intense, but manageable. The professors are extremely knowledgeable, fun and professional.” Gina Burgess

A great overall experience

“Looking back at the experience I’ve had, I can echo what has been said about the professors. They care and will work with you to see that you have not just a good experience, but learn in the program. Another aspect of the program that I’ve enjoyed is the internationalism that I’ve experienced. I’ve had classmates in Dubai, France and several other countries. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know others within the States.” – Allen Hanton