Why Now Is the Time to Earn Your MAED

Back view of teacher in classroom
Back view of teacher in classroom

Now is the Time: Get Your Master's in Education

Spring Arbor University Online's versatile and affordable Master of Arts in Education program allows working professionals to achieve a master's of education credential. Offering a completely online curriculum that can accomplished in as little as two years, Spring Arbor's program provides an ideal online master's of education degree for everyone from the full time student to the multitasking professional. This article highlights some of the reasons why a master's education program should be in your future by pointing to some degree key benefits.

Career Cultivation

For many Spring Arbor students, an online master's of education degree is the first step towards the next big stage in their career. Graduate level study in the field of education can help you achieve new heights within both teaching and administration. A master's of education degree can, for example, make you more competitive for teaching posts at highly-ranked elementary and secondary schools; it can also increase your eligibility for upper-level posts such as school principal or administrator. An online master's of education degree can also assist in your pursuit of a specialized field, such as special education, and also avail you of new career paths, such as roles as museum education coordinators or education consultants for school districts or larger corporations.

Enhanced Earnings

An online master's of education degree can also result in a big boost to your annual salary. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS), the median annual salary of a school principal in 2016 amounted to $92,510. That same outlet reports that education consultants and instructional coordinators achieved a median 2016 salary of $62,460. This annual wage, though lower than the median principal salary, is still notable more than the median salary for than those entering the education field with only a Bachelor's degree.

For comparison, the USBLS reports that the median 2016 pay for an elementary teacher reached only $55,490, almost $7,000 less per year in median earnings. That difference might not seem substantial, but add that gap in pay up over a thirty or forty year career, and you can realize just how impactful that difference can be. By investing now, you can begin to see a return on your education investment in the near future.

Top Teaching

Another key component to the Spring Arbor online master's of education degree is that the curriculum helps you build on your earlier academic foundation of teaching and learning skills. Having the opportunity to experiment and learn innovative new pedagogical approaches in graduate coursework, those with a master's of education degree are more likely to try new approaches to teaching and to critically reflect on what works and doesn't work. This ability to consistently assess and improve your teaching can make you a stronger and more versatile educator. A 2011 article in The Independent pointed to another study that illustrated that individuals with a master's of education degree were more likely to engage with academic colleagues and encouraging an overall collegial community. These assets, which go beyond the objective elements of title and salary, are also key components to professional satisfaction and job success.

Student Success

Past research has shown that sustained professional learning opportunities for educators, such as progressive work through an online master's of education degree program, can have a positive impact on student success. A study published by the National Staff Development Council in 2009 revealed that educators who participated in postgraduate education enjoyed a boost in student percentile point performance.

Given all of these advantages, the real question becomes: what are you waiting for? If your career aspirations lie in the field of education and you want to take advantage of every opportunity that can potentially advance your career and the quality of your work, the time is now to consider Spring Arbor University's Online Master of Arts in Education program. Fully accredited and complemented with academic support throughout the entire curriculum, this online master's in education program is ready and waiting for you.