Why Get a Master's in Early Childhood Education?

Teacher with master's in education reading with young students
Teacher with master's in education reading with young students

The students who enroll in Spring Arbor University’s online Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education (MAEC) degree program are often those who have committed their careers to education and are ready to accelerate the growth of their professional roles in the field. Given the current demand for those who hold a masters in early childhood education and the career potential that such a credential can bring, now is a fantastic time to embark on such a program.

Job Security

Those considering completing an MAEC online with Spring Arbor University can take stock in the fact that the field of early childhood education is thriving. Study after study has shown that the value of early education is crucial to a child’s growth, not only for the academic content it relays but also for the social-emotional advances it encourages. As a result, an ever-growing number of parents and programs are seeking options for their little ones. This increased supply of young students means an increased demand for qualified early childhood educators, meaning that job availability and security are strong across the field.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) projects that available positions for preschool teachers and preschool directors are expected to grow by 10 percent and 11 percent respectively, by 2026. This higher-than-average growth translates to potentially more than 50,000 new positions in early childhood education that will flood the market in the coming years, making employment opportunities even more likely for online MAEC graduates.

Robust Responsibilities

An additional benefit of pursuing an MAEC degree online is that the credential can lead to roles with greater associated responsibilities. The master’s degree in early childhood education is becoming an increasingly important credential for those who want to serve as preschool directors or childcare center administrators. Moreover, even if it is not already a requirement for the position, the MAEC credential can give you a competitive edge against other candidates who might apply for the same position.

Director or administrator positions are essential because they are responsible for the management of the entire early childhood program. For example, directors can be tasked with hiring new teachers and developing the camaraderie of the teaching team; they can also lead the charge for student recruitment, fundraising and community engagement initiatives. Such dynamic involvement can be incredibly satisfying for early childhood education professionals as it allows them to guide every aspect of their program.

Increased Salary

The larger professional role that can be acquired with the MAEC credential typically also comes with a bigger paycheck. For example, the USBLS reports that the median annual salary for preschool teachers in 2017 totaled $28,990. The USBLS also noted that preschool directors achieved a median annual salary of $46,890 during that same time period. This suggests that those who achieve administrative or directorial roles in early childhood programs can reach salaries that are almost double those of the teaching staff.

Greater Influence

Beyond the perks of greater responsibilities and bigger salaries is that earningan MAEC online can afford you the opportunity to change the educational future for an entire generation. Spring Arbor University’s innovative curriculum provides students the ideal online environment to think deeply and critically about educational principles and the tenets of childhood psychology and development. This combination, when paired with innovative pedagogical techniques, can foster students’ abilities to become true leaders in the field of early childhood education. Students can carry forward these skills into various facilities and into the lives of preschool-aged children to create the foundation for ongoing social and academic success.

Unlock your full potential in the profession of early childhood education with a Spring Arbor University’s online MAEC degree program. Designed with the optimal flexibility that online learning provides, students can complete their studies while also gaining valuable work experience. Join our next incoming class and set yourself on course to advance your career and accentuate the learning experience of young children.