Why Believe?

Gary R. Tucker, PhD Dean of SAU Online Spring Arbor University

Why believe? Because we see signs and miracles or have visions and dreams? Things one person takes as chance; an individual of faith takes as a sign. A loved one recovers from a disease, a fortunate deal, a chance meeting. It isn’t the grand doctrines or sweeping ideas of theology that make believers. Faith is about trust. Trusting someone who cares is there. Trusting this someone will make it all right in the end even though things look terrible at the moment. There are moments we often find ourselves in a conundrum. We want someone or something to persuade us to have faith. We want to believe because of proof shown us. We beg for a sign. Something happens; there is a change, an encounter. Was it chance? Was it providence? Believers say we have the proof. Did we in our moment of despair receive an answer? In the end, it is up to us to decide. Which will it be: believer or skeptic? Neither seems a patently foolish path. Some important decisions are made on a battlefield, some to the beating of a monitor in a hospital room, others in a conference room. Others happen quietly, unseen. This doesn’t make the decision any less important. I believe! Not because something has proven to me beyond my ability to deny, but because I choose to. Gary R. Tucker, PhD, Dean of SAU Online Spring Arbor University.