Which MBA is the Right Degree for Healthcare?

Which MBA is the Right Degree for Healthcare?
Which MBA is the Right Degree for Healthcare?

Those who want to accelerate their career in health care management might seek the Master of Business Administration (MBA) designation to add to their accolades. Which MBA degree is best, though, to prepare for the dynamic field of healthcare management roles? Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with a concentration in Health Care Administration makes for an excellent option because it offers its students an exceptional academic preparation in the key principles of business administration while tailoring studies to the nuances of the health care field. This article looks to some of the perks of pursuing an online MBA with Spring Arbor University to showcase why this MBA degree is right for those who want to revolutionize the health care field in the future.

Career Outlook

When contemplating career paths, many savvy students consider the prospects of job opportunities and growth before fully committing. Those entering the field of health care management who do such research will discover that the outlook is very promising. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) projects a 20 percent growth in jobs in the realm of medical and health services management by 2026. This means the addition of more than 70,000 jobs to the market, growth that is occurring thanks to the ever-present demand for skilled medical professionals and facilities across the country. Such a statistic is encouraging for students entering an online MBA program with a concentration in Health Care Administration because it suggests that there will be various opportunities in administration and managerial roles after graduation.

Earning Potential

Along with the prospect of ample job availability comes the substantial salaries that those in the healthcare management field can attain. The USBLS reported a mean salary for 2017 for those across the healthcare management field of $98,350. These salary averages can head even higher, though, depending on the specific parameters of each position. For example, a survey study performed by U.S. News and World Report reflected that those who graduated from MBA programs in 2017 and entered the healthcare industry achieved a higher average annual salary of more than $104,000. These results placed those in the health care field as fourth highest in average salary among a wide variety of MBA-oriented fields. In addition, the UBSLS reveals that those in the 90 percent percentile of the field can achieve salaries over $176,000.

Convenient and Cutting-Edge Experience

For those in the field of business administration, one of the key concepts is that of return on investment (ROI). ROI weighs the results and can be optimized in scenarios of low risk or expense that have high returns. Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with a concentration in Health Care Administration offers an incredible ROI as it provides its students with an exceptional curriculum that is complemented by the convenience of online learning. The online MBA is offered completely online, which means that students can progress through their coursework as their schedule allows. As a result, many students who pursue the online Health Care Administration focused MBA with Spring Arbor University do so while maintaining full-time employment.

At the same time that Spring Arbor University’s program offers this convenience, it also offers an incredibly compelling, cutting edge preparation for a career in health care administration. Expert faculty and curricular design combined with numerous opportunities to network with professionals in the industry means that students who pursue their MBA with a concentration in Health Care Administration graduate as cultivated professionals. These graduates have the skills and grounding in academic principles along with a burgeoning array of connections within the field to kickstart their future careers. From this perspective, Spring Arbor University’s online MBA offering makes for a marvelous program for those seeking to take the next step in their professional careers in health care administration.

For those with a nursing background, Spring Arbor University also offers an MSN/MBA dual degree path to support those planning to progress into nursing leadership roles.