What You Need to Know About Our MBA Living Case Study

In the final semester of Spring Arbor University’s 18-month online MBA program, all MBA students are required to complete a Living Case Study, an organizational diagnosis with a business to showcase the knowledge, skills, attitudes and faith gained through the MBA curriculum.

By putting theory into practice, the Living Case Study helps the mind imprint learning by connecting thinking with doing. It’s an amazing opportunity to gain marketable skills to impress potential employers. Mike Harvitt, Spring Arbor University MBA graduate, used his Living Case Study to design and implement a new scheduling system for the Michigan State Police. His scheduling system alleviated some of the problems the department was experiencing due to statewide budget cuts, reduced staff and increased workload.

“The old schedule was not meeting our demands, and with budget shortfalls, the troopers were being asked to do more with less, and we were constantly understaffed. With the merger of two posts, due to reorganization and budget cuts, I was able to get more people and put together a scheduling scheme that would be a benefit for the troopers and the department,” said Harvitt. “The annual cost savings at my work site alone is approximately $5,000. Given there are approximately 60 work sites in the state, if it were to be implemented statewide, with minimum staffing requirements varying from district to district, the annual departmental savings would be approximately $175,000.”

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