What Jobs Are Available to a BSW Graduate?

Social worker and family with young child pointing at screen
Social worker and family with young child pointing at screen

When it comes to employment opportunities, social workers with Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) have good prospects. A social work degree is versatile: it gives graduates access to a wide breadth of career options, from working directly with clients to advocating behind the scenes. Are you considering earning a BSW? Obtaining your BSW online will allow you to complete coursework around your schedule and responsibilities and expand your hiring potential. Social workers with BSWs from accredited programs are being hired as...

Case managers.

After earning their BSW, many social workers seek to become case managers. Case managers oversee the appointments, schedules, and healthcare programs of client agencies and organizations. The average annual income for entry-level case managers is just under $35,000; case managers who have obtained their Master of Social Work (MSW) can expect to make up to double that income, particularly in certain medical and acute care settings.

Care coordinators.

Case managers with experience in multiple disciplines, such as social work, mental health, occupational therapy and nursing, are perfect candidates to become care coordinators. These social workers can expect to make a greater salary than case managers, as the position of care coordinator requires more experience and comes with more responsibilities.

Eligibility workers.

Eligibility workers are often employed by state or municipal organizations. Many work directly with clients to determine if they are eligible for resources or provisions. The hourly pay of eligibility workers is comparable to other entry-level positions for social workers with BSWs. Eligibility workers often receive good benefits packages and work predictable hours.

Direct support professionals (DSPs).

DSPs are social workers who work directly with individual clients. These clients often have physical limitations, intellectual disabilities or mental health diagnoses and are looking for assistance in maintaining their autonomy as they integrate into their communities. DSPs are paid about $10 per hour, though some private-paid positions offer far more pay, depending on the social worker’s responsibilities and previous experience. Some additional entry-level social work jobs for BSW graduates include the following:

  • Discharge planner
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Community support specialist
  • Advocate(such as a crime victim advocate)
  • Health and wellness educator

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