What Courses Will I Take in the Online MBA Program?

Two MBA graduates discussing business in hallway
Two MBA graduates discussing business in hallway

Whether you have been working in the business field for the last 10 years or you have just graduated with a bachelor’s degree, it’s always a good time to consider an online MBA program. With a master’s of business administration degree, you will be qualified for many leadership positions at different types of business organizations. You also will increase your earning potential significantly over the course of your lifetime.

What Is an MBA?

An MBA is an advanced, graduate-level degree that focuses on business administration theories and practices. Many MBA programs allow students to specialize in specific areas, such as accounting or marketing, and give them an opportunity to develop their own leadership style while honing the skills they will need to succeed after graduation.

What MBA Courses Will I Take?

The courses that you will take during your online MBA degree program will vary based on the specialization that you choose. However, there are a set of core courses that all MBA students are required to take as part of the curriculum. Some of these courses include:

  • Leadership in Business — This course explores the importance of developing strong leadership skills, regardless of the specific industry or field in which an individual is employed. Throughout this course, students will explore leadership through various positions, such as individual leadership and team leadership within an organization. The course also explores traditional leadership theories as well as modern leadership approaches, and students also will focus on leadership development and effective leadership strategies. Upon completing this course, students will have a solid understanding of their own leadership strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to focus on their leadership style. They will finish this portion of the curriculum feeling confident as a leader, while also knowing how to hold themselves accountable in the workplace and beyond.
  • Statistics for Business Managers — This course provides students with an understanding of the importance of statistics and data when it comes to management practices. It covers the role that data plays in the decision-making process for leaders and allows students to become adept at using statistical analysis while making their own decisions. Through case studies, students use statistical data to identify issues, collect data following business protocol, and analyze the data they collect using the proper techniques and approaches. Throughout the MBA program, students are encouraged to use statistics and data to make informed decisions, which will make them better leaders after they graduate. With a solid working foundation in data collection and statistical analysis, Spring Arbor University MBA students are qualified for the most rewarding positions available in all sectors of the business industry. The skills developed in this core course are used throughout many other courses in the curriculum.
  • Accounting for Managers — Recognizing that all MBA students need to have a solid foundation in best accounting practices, SAU has included this important accounting course in their core curriculum for the online MBA degree. In the Accounting for Managers course, students explore fundamental accounting principles, and they learn how these accounting principles can be applied in the managerial setting. During this course, students learn how to utilize accounting data in their decision-making process, and they also learn how to apply accounting data to organizational performance evaluations. A wide variety of accounting topics are discussed in-depth throughout this course, including preparing financial statements, calculating and analyzing financial ratios, tax laws, budgeting, auditing issues and solutions, and accounting liquidity. By completing this course, students are more prepared and qualified for any type of management position in the business world.
  • Marketing for Managers — This is another core course that is required of all online MBA students, even if they are not concentrating on marketing for their entire program. The university requires this course as part of their standard MBA curriculum because marketing plays an important role in any organization, and all leaders as well as managers should understand the role of marketers within their company. The course covers basic principles of accounting, and discusses the most effective marketing management practices. Marketing is generally discussed from an economic perspective, and students will learn how to develop sustainable and beneficial marketing campaign strategies. Some of the topics discussed throughout this course include market research, surveys and feedback, developing marketing strategies, implementing marketing plans and evaluating the success of a marketing campaign. Upon completing this course, students will be well-versed in general marketing principles and will have actionable skills that they can apply in any leadership position that they obtain after graduating from the online MBA degree program.
  • International Business — All students who are completing their MBA degree online are required to take an international business course. Throughout this course, students will explore the key components of international business strategy while also learning about current international business trends. Topics discussed in this course include business differences in various countries, investments and trade, competing in a global marketplace and understanding global monetary systems. Human rights, sustainability and global human resource development also are addressed during this unique and invigorating course. Students who are enrolled in this program can opt to complete a standard online international business course, or they can elect to participate in the international business course which includes a trip to New York City to attend the International Business Summit.

In addition to these core courses, students are required to complete courses related to their specific concentrations. For example, an individual enrolled in the MBA in Healthcare Administration degree program will be required to complete courses such as Managing Quality in Healthcare, and Trends in Healthcare Administration and Management. If you want to take your career to the next level and become an expert in the business industry, now is the time to enroll in an online MBA degree program. To learn more about what Spring Arbor University has to offer and to discover the benefits of an MBA degree, contact our advisors today.