What Challenges Do Nurses Face on a Daily Basis?

Challenges Nurses Face in Hospitals
Challenges Nurses Face in Hospitals

Nursing is by no means an easy job. However, the challenges that nurses face on a daily basis can be gradually overcome through online learning at a university grounded in Christian principles. Challenges in nursing are more prevalent in some areas than in others, but many of the same difficulties are present in all nursing specialties and workplaces. The challenges nurses face often prompt nurses to pursue higher education through online nursing programs to prepare for a career change, such as a Master of Science in Nursing at Spring Arbor University to become a nurse practitioner.


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High Patient-Nurse Ratios and Understaffing

Many challenges in nursing can be attributed to a lack of adequate staff, including nurses, nurse aids and unit clerks. This may be due to a shortage of nurses in some areas or high attrition rates in certain workplaces. Working “short-staffed” leads to high patient-nurse ratios. More patients per nurse means that nurses have less time to spend per patient. Patient outcomes suffer as a result, and nurses can begin to feel burned out when faced with overwhelming workloads. Nurse burnout is a leading cause of nurses leaving the profession.

Long Working Hours

It is common for nurses to work 12-hour shifts, along with rotating weekends and holidays. While some nurses may enjoy working three shifts per week, the long working hours can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Nurses often miss spending weekends and holidays with their loved ones. Jobs that don’t require weekends or holidays are in high demand, and nurses face a lot of competition when applying for them.

Work-Related Injuries

While there are many types of equipment available to assist nurses with the physical aspects of patient care, such as slide sheets and mechanical lifts, nurses still face high rates of work-related injuries. Nurses spend lots of time on their feet, frequently reposition patients and often must push or lift heavy equipment. These actions are physically demanding and can lead to injuries and chronic pain.

Meet Challenges with Grace as You Take Your Career to the Next Level

Despite the challenges, this profession is one of the most consistent in offering ongoing opportunities to apply knowledge to serve and help others. As you pursue all truth as God’s truth and integrate faith and learning while serving others in your calling, you are actualizing your potential, as created in God’s image, to effectively participate in and improve society. Nurse practitioners, along with all nurses, are rated highly for honesty and ethical standards, topping the 2018 Gallup Poll ranking of how Americans view several different professions.

At SAU, our curriculum provides a deep knowledge of diagnostic practices and cultivates the compassion inherent to Christian faith practices, so students learn to consider patients with a holistic approach that seeks to treat the whole person, rather than an individual symptom. Nursing students attend collaborative learning events with other nurses and gain the opportunity to become part of a strong network of students and instructors.

Attending online MSN programs to become a family nurse practitioner allows nurses to boost their career and leave behind many of the issues that nurses face, including heavy patient assignments, physically taxing work and long hours. Nurse practitioners are in high demand, especially in primary care. Many family nurse practitioners enjoy working in primary care practices with shorter hours and fewer holiday and weekend shifts.

Spring Arbor University’s online Master of Science in Nursing - Nurse Practitioner program makes pursuing your dream career even more accessible. Students may work full-time while taking classes at their own pace, graduating in as little as two years. There’s no better time than now to pursue a rewarding career as a family nurse practitioner!


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