What Career Advancement Can an MBA in Executive Leadership Provide?

Businesswoman with MBA in executive leadership crossing arms and looking accomplished
Businesswoman with MBA in executive leadership crossing arms and looking accomplished

The traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a fantastic means to develop fluency in the essential principles of the field. For those who have already committed years to the business profession and want to accelerate up the corporate ladder to the executive level, Spring Arbor University’s 100 percent online MBA with an Executive Leadership concentration might be able to help in that climb.

Students can choose the accelerated online MBA which can be completed in one year or the part-time 18-month completion option. Designed to develop expert understanding of executive-level management strategies in a remarkably efficient period of time, Spring Arbor University’s online Executive Leadership MBA program can help you hone your skills so that you can achieve the executive career of your dreams.

Higher Salary Potential

One of the benefits of pursuing an online MBA with a concentration in Executive Leadership at Spring Arbor University is that it can expand the potential for higher salaries after graduation. While these numbers vary depending on the specific industry in which you hope to work, in general the upper echelons of executive management often rake in substantial sums.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, reveals that the mean annual wage in 2017 for chief executives totaled $196,050. In some fields, such as entertainment or insurance executives, this mean rises to more than $250,000. What these figures suggest is that while you’ll need to invest time and money to complete your online Executive Leadership MBA, you’ll very often gain a return on that investment later in the form of a larger annual wage.

Greater Professional Responsibilities

In addition to the likelihood that your salary will rise in a new executive role following graduation from Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with a concentration in Executive Leadership, there is also the potential for greater responsibilities. These added tasks can range from managing larger teams to overseeing new or developing corporate divisions.

To prepare for these new challenges, Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with a concentration in Executive Leadership encourages students to expand their knowledge of the business field. This breadth complements the depth that many of the students have developed over their previous years of work in their desired industry. It can also prime graduates to embrace the new and dynamic challenges that an executive level position can bring.

Tapping into Changing Industries

Pursuing an online Executive Leadership MBA can also facilitate the acquisition of new skills to better grapple with the changing landscape of business. With new technologies and workflow systems disrupting the business landscape regularly, dedicated executives will want to tap into that information to understand how new disruptors can be used to benefit their company.

This in-depth knowledge can be well-developed in SAU program courses such as “Strategic Planning & Management” (MBA654) and “Strategic Leadership” (MBA 657), wherein students can embrace the leading trends in their field and advance their understanding of how to use new ideas effectively in the corporate executive world.

Capitalize on Convenience

Amid the field of MBA options, SAU’s online MBA with a concentration in Executive Leadership sets itself ahead of the competition with a rigorous curriculum that also comes with the convenience of online learning. Enrolled students are challenged to learn and to improve, but they also enjoy a flexible schedule that allows them to continue to work throughout their courses. This transforms the workplace into a veritable laboratory, as ideas from class can be carried into real-world business scenarios that future executives experience every day.

Students who enroll in Spring Arbor University’s 100 percent online MBA are typically at a crossroads in their career. Many of them have gained years of experience in their given professional field but want to take their careers to the next level. The program offers an ideal opportunity to accelerate career progress and encourage student to reach their professional goals in the upper echelons of the executive world.