What Can I Do with an Online Master of Arts in Reading?

Children in bright colorful clothing lying down in a circle with their heads together
Children in bright colorful clothing lying down in a circle with their heads together

An online Master of Arts in Reading can lead to many different job and life opportunities. Whether you’re interested in working with students at the elementary, middle or high school level, or with adults in a school or non-school setting, an advanced reading degree offers versatility and fulfillment.

As a student pursuing your online Master of Arts in Reading, you will learn what techniques are used to identify, assess and manage reading and writing difficulties, become knowledgeable about reading disabilities and language disorders, work closely with many different literature categories, and much more.

Career Opportunities with an Online MA in Reading

Examples of subjects covered in an online Master in Reading program include computer-based instruction, literacy in society, how to teach writing, measurement and assessment in reading, and literacy leadership. An online Master of Arts in Reading prepares you for a number of career opportunities in education. Here are several typical examples in school settings:

  • Reading specialist: Help improve reading instruction in the classroom.
  • Reading coach: Work one-on-one with children having difficulty with reading.
  • Special education teacher: Develop and execute individualized education plans tailored to students’ needs.
  • Specialized instructor: Work with gifted students who need individual time and attention.
  • Advisor to schools and teachers: Create reading programs for children who have varying levels of reading capabilities or with culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Advisor to school administrators: Establish and support literacy programs for school districts.
  • Reading program director: Supervise other teachers; educate teachers on how to teach reading.

In addition to these and many other opportunities within schools, a Master of Arts in Reading also positions you to follow these less typical — but equally rewarding and high-in-demand —paths:

  • Adult literacy teacher: Work at community colleges or government and nonprofit organizations to help adults learn to read, write and speak English (e.g., help new immigrants acclimate to the English language and American culture).
  • Reading and literacy specialist: Work with publishers of textbooks to develop offerings that are in line with the standards, strategies and programs developed by school districts and boards of education.
  • Literacy consultant: Consult with schools and other organizations on literacy and instruction.

Reading is a crucial life skill; yet, sadly, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 15% of American adults lack basic literacy skills. Individuals with an online Master of Arts in Reading who pursue jobs as literacy coaches, reading specialists and other pro-reading professionals can make a difference in so many people’s lives, sharing a love for reading and teaching people of all ages how to understand and appreciate the written word.