Top 9 Free and Paid Mobile Apps for Nurses

Whether you’re a student, a practicing nurse or advancing your degree while you carry on your job, your excellent memory, knowledge of medicine and caring bedside manner are all things that help you in your career. Thankfully as well, the information age has presented us with some useful tools right on our mobile devices. Check out these free and paid apps designed to make your life easier:

5 Free Apps for Nurses

Merck Manual- available on Android and iOS

It’s rare to find a completely free app these days. You either need to buy the app, buy add-ons that make the app functional or put up with constant advertisements. The Merck Manual sets itself apart right away by declaring that “We believe that health information is a universal right and that every person is entitled to accurate, accessible and usable medical information.” You’ll never have to put up with ads, never have to buy additional functionality to make the app at all useful — nothing. Just download it and you’ve got a wealth of information literally at your fingertips.

Diseases Dictionary - available on Android and iOS

Diseases Dictionary allows you to look up symptoms on just about any disease, find treatment of most symptoms, look up prevention of diseases and more. It has a rating of 4.3/5 on the Google Play Store, which is a fantastic rating, especially considering it’s a free app.

Epocrates RX - available on Android and iOS

Another free and ad-free app, Epocrates RX focuses on direct patient care. It contains information on thousands of drugs. You can also check for drug compatibility using up to 30 drugs at a time. Excellent functionality makes this a must-have app for most medical professionals from every sphere.

Medpage Today - available on Android and iOS

Medpage Today is the go-to app for any news emerging from the world of medicine — and the only app you need to get all your medical news in one place. In-depth conference coverage and breaking stories help you stay on top of the game.

Nurses First - available on Android

This app is exactly what it claims — puts nurses first. Daily tips, fun facts, giveaways, quotes and vines are in store for you when downloading Nurses First. With a glorious 4.7/5 rating, this is a must-have app for nurses.

4 Paid Apps for Nurses

NurseTabs: Fundamentals - $9.99 - available on iOS

As an app that is focused on students, NurseTabs: Fundamentals gives you access to over 120 nursing skills and procedures. Assessments, documentation, hygiene and nutrition are just a few things this app helps you with.

Black’s Medical Dictionary - $14.99 - available on Android and iOS

Black’s Medical Dictionary has always been seen as a great, reliable app. With 5000+ medical term definitions, this is a very useful dictionary to have by your side, whether you’re a student or veteran nurse.

I.V. Drug Handbook - $44.99 - available on Android and iOS

A comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use handbook for practicing medical staff. The I.V. Drug Handbook is great for all nurses and doctors today. It has in-depth detail of over 350 parenteral drugs, including the latest warnings from the FDA. A must for those who work with I.V.s on a daily basis. The price tag is a little steep, but plenty of work has gone into securing solid information to ensure the safety of patients. Also, don’t let the “free” tag on the Google Play Store fool you; this is only a 1-day trial.

Color Atlas of Family Medicine - $124.99 - available on Android and iOS

As the most expensive entry to the list, it’s easy to expect the most from this one. And deliver it does! Featuring 2000 full-color photographs of both common and uncommon conditions, it makes diagnostics so much easier. Being easy to navigate and easy to use, many claim that the Color Atlas of Family Medicine is well worth the money. Have you considered a leap to BSN? If you’re a Registered Nurse (RN), taking an online Master of Science in Nursing is a great way to boost your career. Take advantage of direct access to nursing educators and a personal Student Success Coach.