Top 5 Careers for an MBA Graduate

Obtaining a career in business has many benefits, including work in a field with seemingly unlimited opportunities and directions. Completing an online MBA program can help get you where you want to go.

Spring Arbor offers five unique concentrations that can help you enter these fields. Check out some of the top careers for an MBA graduate:

Data Analytics

Consider this route if you are tech savvy with an eye for detail. Work up to Chief Information Officer, (CIO). This is a career contender for lovers of pattern and investigation.

Data analysis acts like a CT scan for a company – more thorough than individual department reviews – a CIO is responsible for integrating all of a company’s systems and information and projecting it into a plan of action. The perfect blend of business and applied science. An SAU MBA focusing on Executive Leadership or Organizational Consulting can help you gain the leadership skills or organizational know-how to work in a technical as well as structured environment.


The “numbers guy,” but no longer the employee behind a calculator and horn-rimmed glasses. Accounting has evolved, and requires an understanding of the commercial and cultural aspects of a business.

A job for the meticulous and competitive, accounting is a reliable avenue to pursue with an MBA. To be an accountant is to be familiar with multiple types of businesses each with their own processes from major corporations to non-profits. This element of adaptability makes accounting a customizable career path.

SAU Online offers an online MBA with a concentration in Management. Not only will you learn skills that might help you enter a career in international business or finance, but you’ll also be exposed to classes that directly focus on accounting from a management perspective with the class Accounting for Managers.

While this MBA program does not earn you an accounting or CPA license you’ll be a more well-rounded candidate with a view beyond numbers but how they work in an organization.


A more creative avenue for the MBA. Marketing analyst, Executive Producer, and Brand Manager are just a few options. While we can’t guarantee you a marketing job right away, our MBA students who have a number of choices to focus their concentration positioning themselves for where they want to be in a marketing organization.

For example, the MBA with a Executive Leadership positions graduates to be marketing leaders and innovators. Meanwhile, a online MBA concentrating on Human Resource Development may provide students with the skills needed to understand and recognize the needs of a diverse marketplace and its customers.

The undeniable advantage to an MBA is the analytical mindset and eye-on-the-bottom-line approach to developing a marketing campaign. In a creatively competitive industry like this one, companies are more likely to lean towards a candidate who can consider the brand and business model as a whole.

Positions in Healthcare

If you are particularly interested in a career in healthcare and its organizational culture, take a look at the SAU online MBA with a Healthcare Administration focus. You’ll take classes such as Managing Quality in Healthcare and Managerial Finance in Healthcare.

Well rounded business principals and a concentration in health care administration might make you an ideal candidate to potential employers. As a professional in this field, you’ll provide overview to the organization as well as offer insights and advice on best ways for the company to utilize their resources and move forward.

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