Thriving Your Way Toward An MBA

Headshot of Bob Busha
Headshot of Bob Busha

DEEP DOWN you believe you’re different. It’s true. There’s no one exactly like you. You have uniquely packaged, God-given, capabilities and potential. Now you feel an urging to go to the next level; to become all you can be. Which way should you go?

At heart, here’s what it’ll take to make it happen by way of an MBA with Spring Arbor University.


You don’t know what you don’t know. To succeed comfortably at this academic level you must believe, without resistance, there are others who have gone before you who know what you need to do. It’s a trust issue. Professors and a well-prepared support team are ready to guide and encourage you all along the way.


Yes, a master’s degree might provide you with advantages you couldn’t get without that credential. However, we believe it’s not about your major, it’s about your mind. You’ll be learning to think and communicate at a higher level. Every part of the program is designed to achieve that goal.


With each assignment, within each course and project, with every interaction between you and your faculty and cohort members you’ll be contributing to a transformation so subtle you might not realize you’re changing. Practically, the people closest to you, your family and co-workers, will probably recognize it early on.


Your growth will come at a price beyond signing up for the program, paying tuition and fees, buying textbooks and then walking (or trudging) through it. For the fullest possible return on your investment you’ll need to immerse yourself in your learning opportunities as you might never have done before but doing it in a sensible and strategically-balanced manner every Academic Week.


You already have the ingredients for success. Nurturing what you bring begins with your first class. It’ll appear to be about perspectives on leadership. What you’ll really be doing is expanding your self-awareness and how you can apply that knowledge in every aspect of your life.

DO YOU SEE IT? With our assistance you can thrive your way towards an MBA…and beyond. We’d be pleased to be part of your journey.

-Robert Busha, Ph.D.