Seven Ways You’ll Be Transformed by the SAU MBA Program

Woman working in front of laptop and holding up lightbulb
Woman working in front of laptop and holding up lightbulb

by Robert Busha, Ph.D.

MBA617 will begin a process that will positively alter you and your world

Beginning with Leadership in Business, MBA617, online MBA students at Spring Arbor University can experience a transformation during the program at several potential levels.

IT’S ABOUT YOU. This will not be a one-size-fits-all alteration. The process is individual and personally-customized by your own perceived needs, your choices and self-leadership, as well as in making the best use of the unique characteristics each of you brings to the program. You’ll be the planner. You’ll be the remodeler. And, you’ll be the primary investor.

There are at least seven general areas for adaptation you and the other members of your SAU MBA cohort will have in common.

    • Enlightened. You’ll be changed, permanently, seeing life through different lenses and from different points of view.
    • Empathetic. You’ll appreciate, with greater sensitivity, the background and potential of those you work and live with.
    • Awareness. You’ll have a higher level of expectation regarding ethical and moral behavior, and truth, in both public and private life.
    • Appreciation. You’ll better understand how people are shaped, as well as how their capabilities can be positively adjusted to meet common goals and do it with greater satisfaction.
    • Inspiration. You’ll recognize that even a slight shift in outlook can dramatically change individuals and organizations.
    • Gratitude. You’ll recognize the importance of elevating your own expectations for your personal performance, and you’ll be able to do it with a regular wash of satisfaction.
    • Originality. You’ll become certain you can be all you can be, and do it consistently and confidently well, without forcing yourself to fit into any template you might have thought would be demanded of you by someone else.

IT’S ABOUT YOUR INFLUENCE. The summary view of what will occur in you will be your enhanced readiness to lead; to appropriately take initiatives, to willingly accept responsibility and authority, and to share without hesitation the accomplishments and rewards you will nurture and encourage in others.