Proof that an MBA Can Take You to the Top

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The facts are in: MBA degrees can and do propel people to the top. According to Business Because, the number of chief executive officers with MBA degrees at the world’s largest publically traded companies is increasing steadily.

MBA graduates are among the most sought-after employees by Fortune 500 companies and have the lowest unemployment rates of master’s-degree-holding graduates. The most successful organizations in the world, such as Apple, Chevron Corporation, General Motors, JPMorgan Chase and Verizon Communications, employ CEOs holding MBAs.

For many, a graduate school can be a transformational experience, providing a motivating and invigorating springboard to career — and life — success. An MBA program helps students look at things holistically. From a business perspective, they dive deep into issues and scenarios as well as take a broader look to gain understanding about relationships, connectivity and impact. This type of thinking and training makes graduates of MBA programs well poised to analyze and solve problems, think strategically, communicate effectively and build strong relationships.

From a more personal perspective, people with master’s degrees often look back at graduate school as their most formative time, a time when things started to really click. Earning an MBA is hard work, but it often supplies the momentum people need to attain success and fulfillment. MBAs offer versatility, allowing people to work in a number of different fields. From renewable energies to finance to fast food, every area is in need of the knowledge and skills students gain from attending an MBA program.

Students graduating now are entering the best-educated workforce in U.S. history, so having a competitive resume is crucial to landing a good job with senior management potential. In today’s job market, when an opening is available, hiring managers are often overwhelmed with high volumes of resumes. They don’t have the time it would take to read through each and every application. Having an MBA listed at the top, under education history, helps job candidates stay in the running and earn a second look.