Optimize Career Success with an Online MBA in Organizational Consulting

Organizational consultant leading a meeting in a boardroom
Organizational consultant leading a meeting in a boardroom

Spring Arbor University has developed an innovative online MBA program that cultivates future business industry leaders through a well-rounded curriculum. At the same time, Spring Arbor University faculty emphasize the need for focused expertise, which is why several specializations are offered.

The online MBA program with a concentration in Organizational Consulting provides just such a specialization for those seeking to excel in the realm of organizational development or leadership consulting, a vibrant and fast-growing field that can offer many career rewards. This concentration can be used to maximize career potential, particularly when it is supported by the Christian faith that serves as Spring Arbor University’s guiding credo.

The Organizational Consulting Concentration

The MBA degree with an Organizational Consulting concentration is an increasingly important educational credential for professionals seeking to advance in the realm of business organizational development or leadership consulting. This degree tells potential employers that a candidate has gained expertise beyond the traditional MBA skills.

The specialized coursework of this concentration reinforces Spring Arbor University students’ understanding of strategic communication, implementation and assessment of bold moves or changes to improve an organization’s function. Enacting such change is only part of the equation: effective leaders or organizational development consultants must also be able to communicate why the changes are important to everyone from the company’s board to frontline employees. Consultants must also produce data-driven results that show how these modifications to corporate practices resulted in positive outcomes.

These are skill sets that the Organizational Consulting concentration encourages, and they can be crucial for those who want to pursue careers in leading professional roles in the field.

Professional Roles in Organizational Consulting

Positions in organizational development or leadership consulting, grouped by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) under the umbrella of management consulting, can come with substantial salaries and growth opportunities. The USBLS reports that the median annual salary for management consultants in 2016 was $81,330, an amount well above the average for the traditional MBA graduate just out of school (with salaries closer to $50,000).

Many who commit to a career in organizational consulting can see movement up the corporate ladder: these consultants can achieve senior status, meaning they can play an even larger role in big strategic moves, and can even be made a partner of their corporation. As an added perk, management consultants are in high demand since they serve such a crucial role in the success of a business’ operations.

Accordingly, the USBLS projects a 14 percent increase – meaning more than 100,000 new jobs – in the management consultant field by 2026.

Bringing the Christian Faith to Organizational Consulting

The exhilarating pace, heightened responsibilities and substantial salary means that positions within the field of organizational development or leadership consulting are competitive. Graduates from Spring Arbor University’s online MBA program with the Organizational Consulting Concentration can distinguish themselves from their competitors with the strong Christian focus that the curriculum provides.

Spring Arbor University’s coursework encourages an ethical and moral framework derived from the central teachings of the Christian faith. When companies seek organizational consultants, they often look for professionals that possess a strong moral foundation and work ethic, as they know these individuals will be more likely to dedicate themselves to their clients and make smart, ethical decisions on behalf of their company. These are the essential characteristics that Spring Arbor University aims to foster in their online MBA students.

Add to these distinctions the convenience of an online graduate program – offered with a full curriculum students can complete at their own pace – and Spring Arbor University’s online MBA with an Organizational Consulting Concentration can become one of the savviest selections for the start of a successful organizational consulting career.