Is an Online Degree for You? Check Out the Advantages

Close-up of woman's hands typing on laptop keyboard
Close-up of woman's hands typing on laptop keyboard

Much more than comfortably studying in your slippers, online degrees have many advantages. But do you have what it takes to be an online learner? (We bet you do!)

Consider these factors as you make your decision to obtain your degree online:

Are you self-directed and motivated?

Studies suggest our ability to draw from intrinsic motivation will lead to enhanced comprehension, cognitive flexibility and long-term well-being. A student’s intrinsic motivation is enhanced when practices promote their sense of personal autonomy, when schoolwork is challenging and relevant to learners, when relationships are supportive and when environments are physically and psychologically safe.

Can you immediately apply what you are learning?

If you are an adult taking online classes, chances are you are also working. Education for you is an opportunity to immediately apply the practical knowledge you are learning to your current career. By immediately applying what you are learning, you will absorb online content with much more interest and vigor.

Can you draw from personal experience as reference?

As an adult online learner, you have probably seen more, done more and achieved more than your younger self ever thought possible. This means you have a wider knowledge base, more social support and more self-confidence from which to draw. You’ll use this experience and the multiple roles you play – as parent, worker, spouse – to validate what you’re learning and make more meaning of the theoretical concepts of your online course than traditional students do.

At Spring Arbor University (SAU), students appreciate our online programs. Lisa Valdez, who pursued an online Masters of Arts in Communication degree, said, “I was drawn to the convenience of SAU’s fully online program, but I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of the online learning environment. I quickly realized how much I had to learn, but I also found that SAU had anticipated what I needed to know and geared the introductory course around getting comfortable with online learning. I love the flexibility of an online program, where I can access online discussions and complete assignments when it’s most convenient for me, around my full-time job as a grant writer and my family responsibilities with two school-aged children.

Read more SAU online student testimonials here. Then, contact Spring Arbor University at 1.844.621.0900 to discover how our support and resources can help you succeed as an online learner.