Non Traditional Jobs You Can Do With an Online BSW

Real estate agent in empty home
Real estate agent in empty home

There is a misconception that a Bachelor of Social Work is only good for one thing: social work! The truth is, the core curriculum and experiential practice that students receive during a Bachelor of Social Work program open up opportunities that stretch from non traditional social work jobs to extremely unexpected careers in a variety of other fields and industries.

Five non-traditional jobs you can do with your online BSW are:

Real estate agent

Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship with a real estate agent, and it is imperative when working with clients in a social work setting. This parallel reveals how a social work degree could lend to a career in real estate. Building a sense of authenticity and transparency is the foundation of a good working relationship, which makes these two fields more similar than different.

Agents with some expertise in social work may be able to build that trust sooner, and may be able to better predict client needs than those without this experience. The work environment can be busy and diverse, differing from day to day. A licensed broker can typically make around $56,000 annually, although experience and region impact that figure, and many are able to make over $100,000 per year.

Police officer 

Social work training and practice can be a big part of working in law enforcement, particularly when it comes to mediating disputes and de-escalating individuals in crisis. Social work studies can teach crisis response as well as foster empathy among all populations, which are powerful skill sets for anyone in law enforcement.

The average annual income for a police officer is a little over $60,000.

Outdoor education instructor

While some individuals with a Bachelor of Social Work may find themselves behind a desk, this is certainly not the only option. If you enjoy spending your time outdoors, consider how a Bachelor of Social Work could open doors to some of the coolest careers out there! From outdoor recreation therapists to instructors, these professionals manage to merge the skill sets from a social work curriculum into sharing the love and therapeutic benefit of nature with their clients and students.

The work environment is likely what will attract you to this field with your online BSW; these types of positions are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who work well autonomously, but who are also effective team members. The average income for outdoor recreation therapists, depending on the program or institution you work for, is around $46,000, based on experience and job responsibilities.

Sales representative

To be a great salesperson, you must be an effective communicator, so it stands to reason that stepping from sales to social work — or vice versa — is not a quantum leap. Both fields rely heavily on exemplary communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, in order to reach and connect with your desired audience.

A social work degree may provide the tools needed to gain trust, establish a rapport and close the deal. Sales can be a competitive field, and it is not for the introverted or complacent. An effective sales manager can make well over $100,000 per year, based on industry and product.

Marketing strategist

Advertising and marketing professionals need to know how to best communicate and reach their desired buying audience, and social work training may give them insight into the psyche of potential patrons. They might be able to pinpoint advertising campaigns that will move and compel buyers to choose one particular product over another. Additionally, there are many different nonverbal communication techniques, i.e. body language, that could further inspire the targeted customer, client or consumer to act, purchase or contact a specific company.

If you are organized, creative and a team-player, marketing strategy could be a good fit for you. There is great income potential in marketing, with management positions often paying over $120,000 per year.

Is it time for you to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work? Open the doors to a wide range of vocations and careers with your online BSW degree from Spring Arbor University, a regionally accredited, not-for-profit institution that has been providing educational opportunities to students for over 100 years. Your online social work degree can prepare you for a host of positions in the field, and can also contribute to some exciting endeavors outside the traditional jobs in the field.