Meet Troy Trahan, SAU Online MBA Graduate

When Troy Trahan finished his undergrad at University of Michigan-Flint, he had been in the workforce for five years. First, as an intern at a medical solutions company, and then as a senior mortgage banker. He had generated $2.5MM+ in new loan volume for the credit union he worked at in Flint, Michigan; achieved a promotion, and a ‘revenue coin’ for achieving top ten in revenue for his region.

Yet, according to Trahan, his resume didn’t show his full capabilities. That’s when he decided to pursue his MBA.

"I was ready to get back on track and prove my worth,” said Trahan. “I had the skills and the drive. But due to a few poor choices – taking a break from college in favor of chasing money, for example – my resume didn't show my capabilities."

During the same time he was considering earning an MBA, Trahan committed himself to living biblically. “I was going through some life changes; I became a Christian, and I felt called to pursue something greater than myself.” That’s when Trahan discovered Spring Arbor University Online. “A month after my call to SAU, I was off and running.” A husband, father and full-time employee, Trahan did have to make some adjustments to fit school into his busy life. (Of course, online learning, made this easier to do.) Trahan set his alarm clock for 5am and committed to his MBA studies before work.

“Getting an MBA was a great way to separate myself. I don’t think there is a better way to prove on paper that you’re committed than completing an intense academic program like the MBA.”

During his time at Spring Arbor University Online, Trahan researched the impact a limited amount of individuals could have on bottom line results when sales were approached from a proactive, rather than reactive manner. You can read an excerpt of his Living Case Study here.

“God’s hand was on this particular part of my research. Member satisfaction went through the roof, and so did sales,” said Trahan. “Earning my MBA from a Christian perspective was a game-changer. I was encouraged to integrate Jesus’ teaching in my coursework, and view the business world through a Christian lens.”

Today, Trahan is the Director of Sales and Service at a local credit union. He also is an adjunct professor at Spring Arbor University Online, where he teaches marketing, human resources and business ethics and leadership for the MBA program.

Troy Trahan, SAU Online MBA Grad

Troy currently lives in Swartz Creek, Michigan with his wife, two children, a cat and a dog. In his spare time he is a guitar player for a worship band and runs GuitarforHISGLORY, a website site dedicated to the worship guitar community.