Meet Ray Jones, Online MSN Student at SAU [Video]


An interview with Ray Jones, online MSN student

Tell us a little about your background.

My background has been predominantly emergency department trauma and working in the leadership of the ER and Trauma Center here in Michigan, but my heart and my passion is really to teach nursing students.

What is your career goal?

I've loved mentoring nursing students as they've come and worked in the department alongside of me; and my vision is that upon graduation I would ... return and teach and continue teaching in the nursing program here at Spring Arbor University.

Tell us about your experience with SAU.

I had been a part of a program with another university that had a lot of expectations. And with a family life, (I have two children, I'm married with a full time job), I needed something that was going to be little bit more flexible with my schedule. I chose Spring Arbor University because it's got a great tradition and it's got a great reputation, not only here in Michigan, but throughout the United States and around the world. Its graduates have excelled, and they’re soaring, and they’re performing.

The value of the MSN program online for me was that I didn't have to go on campus many times during the week and leave my work. I have the flexibility of doing my work and my projects around a schedule that fits my needs. I think one of the things that's very special about Spring Arbor University is that the faculty, staff and administration go above and beyond … what's expected of their roles. The faculty and staff are very approachable. Al Kauffman, who directs the program here at Spring Arbor University, is open and willing for you to ask any question at any time.

What have you enjoyed most during your program?

Nursing is all about caring, nursing is all about reaching out and touching the lives of others. Being able to do that in a community that supports and encourages your expression of faith is invaluable. All of us have this deep desire to know and to know others. And I think you'll find, here at Spring Arbor University, a tremendous opportunity to not only make lifetime relationships, but also … be a leader in your career as a nurse.