Meet Nate Evans, Nursing Instructor at Spring Arbor University



“Hi I'm Nate Evans, and I'm one of the instructors for Nursing 601 which is called Context for Advanced Professional Nursing. So as an instructor one of the things that I think is just really valuable about this residency is the fact that you know this is an online MSN program and you know there are different tracks you can take but  what's great about it is that you are getting together with the people that you're gonna interact with through the rest of the program.

"You know so for the next three years you're gonna be interacting online but you have this week to get to know them, to interact with them, to learn the tools that you're going to be using whether its Blackboard or Skype or using an iPad. These are things that can feel really foreign to people but the reality is we take you through step by step. Everyone's in this together and we are gonna be.

"We take the time to learn the some of the basics of interaction online and its always a joy for me to see because you have these nurses that are the best in the field at what they do but they may not be as comfortable with technology. So its a joy for me as an instructor be able to take them through step by step and to begin to get some confidence and some understanding of how to use these tools and use them really well for some great online interaction. And the reality is, it's the bedrock that's gonna propel them through the rest of the program. So it really has been a joy for me to see the students develop throughout the week.

"I mean we start real basically using Blackboard tools like Wiki and discussion boards and don't get me wrong, there is some level of complexity there so the reality is, it's been cool to see students kinda struggle at times but then get it. And then have the confidence to build on that and then get even better so now by the end of the week  students are going around taking iPads and making videos of themselves and putting these together and putting them into Blackboard, they are using Skype to message each other, their using Wikis to build out documentation and to get to know each other better.

"So for me it’s a joy because I get to see these students get better and better and build and build throughout the week so um its it’s a lot of fun.”